Tiffani Thiessen feels better than ever at 50

Tiffani Thiessen feels better at 50 than she did at 40.

The actress - who turned 50 on January 23 - has revealed that she actually feels physically better than she did a decade ago.

Tiffani - who has Harper, 13, and Holt, eight, with her husband Brady Smith - told PEOPLE: "I was way more nervous about turning 40.

"I think because in my 40s, my focus was still on my children.

"Also there were still a lot of bodily changes from pregnancy, hormones, that kind of stuff. I wasn't able to really give myself any time to put into me."

Tiffani has been able to focus on her health and wellbeing more than ever over recent years.

The actress admitted that her children entering full-time education has proven to be a turning point for her.

She said: "I was kind of prepping myself to turn 50, and really wanting to look and feel the best I could, whatever that means. So I feel good."

Tiffani - who is best known for playing Kelly Kapowski on 'Saved by the Bell' - is a self-confessed "gym rat".

She added: "I work out a ton. And I'm very much into ice bathing. It's so good for you. I'm obsessed with it. But it's hard. I put it right up there with natural childbirth. Ice bathing is a huge mental challenge."

Last year, Tiffani revealed that she felt "comfortable" about turning 50.

The actress told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I feel so great and comfortable about turning 50 because I'm really taking care of myself. And I hope my daughter sees that.

"That's what I want to put out there for my children ... I guess they say [50 is] the new 40 but I kinda feel even better than I did in my 40s. So I say it's the new 30!"