TikTok Star Pookie's Top 5 'Fire' Outfits — According to Us (and Her Husband Jett Puckett)

Spoiler: Jett loves Pookie in a hat

<p>Campbell Puckett/ Instagram</p> What to know about the Pookie couple Campbell Hunt Puckett and Jett Puckett

Campbell Puckett/ Instagram

What to know about the Pookie couple Campbell Hunt Puckett and Jett Puckett

If you don’t know Campbell Hunt Puckett by her actual name, you likely know her by her nickname, "Pookie."

The Atlanta-based content creator and former flight attendant recently hit the TikTok jackpot when she and and her husband Jett Puckett (a business consultant in the dental field who the internet thinks lo Matt Damon's doppelgänger) went viral for one of their outfit-of-the-day videos.

The post, which has over six million views to date, cemented them as rising style influencers, but the real viral moment was Jett calling his wife "Pookie" and gushing over her look. And so the concept of the "Pookie couple" was born.

<p>Campbell Puckett/ Instagram</p> Campbell "Pookie" Hunt Puckett and Jett Puckett

Campbell Puckett/ Instagram

Campbell "Pookie" Hunt Puckett and Jett Puckett

Campbell's chic style coupled with Jett's admiration for her, plus the mere fact that he calls her "Pookie," is what has made the husband and wife (who got engaged 10 months after meeting and married in April 2018) one of the Internet's favorite duos. And we, like Campbell's 254.5K followers, can't look away from their content.

Below, we rounded up some of the couple's looks that we can't stop talking about.

#1 Pookie's Viral Look

Millions of people watched Campbell and Jett show off their Friday night date looks in this video shared on Jan. 14.

"Taking Pookie to a new spot tonight with three other couples and Pookie looks absolutely amazing. Good lord babe I love the all black," Jett says of Campbell's outfit, which features a lacy top and cardigan from Revolve, GRLFRND jeans, heels by Jennifer Lopez and her “Kelly” (short for her Hermès Kelly purse, of course).

Jett sports everything designer, including his Gutteridge cerulean blazer (a Christmas gift from Campbell), his Hermès belt and his Lucchese boots.

#2 The "Quintessential Pookie Outfit"

This should be titled "Pookie Dressing 101."

In a video shared five days ago, Campbell wears what Jett describes as a "quintessential Pookie outfit:" a black turtleneck, blue jeans, knee-high boots, a cable-knit sweater slung around the shoulders and a tan fedora.

And fun fact: Jett loves his lady in a hat. "She so cute," he says in the clip, which shows Campbell hanging out on a ranch.

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#3 Pookie and Jett's Take on the "Mob Wife" Look

In a video posted on Jan. 16, Campbell declares that she's officially in her "Mob Wife era" while wearing her grandmother's fur coat and carrying her black Kelly bag.

The TikTok-viral aesthetic is what you'd picture on the ladies of The Sopranos and it's a favorite among celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Khloé Kardashian. Jett has cosigned on the trend too.

#4 "Drop Dead Gorgeous" Cheetah Print

Jett goes wild for a cheetah-print look on his wife.

In a post uploaded on Jan. 21, Campbell wears a look that checked off all of her husband's favorite styles: a white crop top, cheetah-print pants and knee-high boots.

"So I get back from a week-long work trip and Pookie, my drop dead gorgeous wife, is wearing a drop dead sexy outfit," Jett gushes. "This outfit is pure fire. The whole outfit is just sexy."

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#5 Pookie's Collection of Hermès Bags

Campbell's growing collection of Hermès purses deserve a shoutout.

In a vlog shared on Jan. 4, Campbell revealed that Jett gifted her a beige Hermès Birkin. Then, further along in the video, she took her followers along her shopping session at the designer store in Paris, where Jett bought her another bag (the Kelly she wears in many of her videos) because Pookie can never have too many Hermès accessories, right Jett?

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