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TikTok user gives rules for their funeral: ‘Keep it cute, or keep it on mute’

A TikTok user has outlined a comprehensive list of rules for their funeral, and it’s absolutely everything.

Content creator @spiicyblack posted a video on the platform discussing their nine rules for those who plan to attend their funeral — whenever that may be. “Boom. Here are the rules for my funeral,” they start.

The first rule? Posting about their death on social media.

“Rule number one: Post my death on social media and give the reason ’cause all too many times we’ve been on social media, somebody has died, and now we’re playing Scooby-Doo to figure it out,” they say. “Go ahead and tell this thing ’cause I’m not even here no more.”

The second rule @spiicyblack outlines is that they don’t want pictures of them “in the clouds or at the pearly gates” because they “won’t even know” if they’re “going up there yet.”

Rule number three, @spiicyblack notes, is a “twofer,” aka two rules for one: Shots of gin and twerking are mandatory.

“Shots of gin will be passed out during this event. I had to drink the s*** that y’all like. Y’all gonna drink gin for an hour and thirty minutes,” they say. “Also, twerking vibes. A**** need to be up, down, here and there, OK? Ground-shaking a**, period.”

“Keep it cute, or keep it on mute, please.”

After noting that there will be no kids allowed at their funeral, @spiicyblack also says that “no excessive crying” is allowed either.

“I don’t know if ‘yall know this, but people die every day,” they say. “Keep it cute, or keep it on mute, please. No one wants to deal with that.”

Additional rules include no exes or ex-friends can attend, speeches must be kept short, their phone dies with them, and finally, no food will be served.

“I don’t know why we don’t do rehearsal funerals.”

TikTok users have flocked to the comments section to share thoughts on @spiicyblack‘s rules. The general consensus? They love it.

“Gin?????? You tryna get us to go with you,” someone asked.

“I’ve officially adopted all these rules. Seriously,” another said.

“I don’t know why we don’t do rehearsal funerals,” a commenter wrote. “Like, let’s make sure everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing when the real party happens.”

Are funeral rules going to be become the next big thing? @spiicyblack‘s cheeky list leaves us wondering if this is something people should seriously consider doing in the future.

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