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TikTokers show off their ‘smooth’ side-eye

TikTokers are trying to figure out if their facial expressions are noticeable — and want to show off just how much of a side-eye they can give in the process.

At first, the trend started with users asking the question — in some form — “Is my side-eye noticeable?” TikTokers would then turn their heads away from the camera and turn one of their eyes back to it.


“THAT. Was the best side eye I’ve ever seen,” said @soujagirlanon.

As more users began showing off their side-eye for fun, the trend evolved to show it as a reactionary move.

There are two kinds of side-eyes prominent in this trend. First, there is the smooth way, in which the eye slowly moves to the side.

“HOW IS UR SIDE EYE SO SMOOTH..” asked @whosj3nii.

Then, there’s an abrupt side-eye in which the TikToker jerks their eye toward the camera.

The original video and sound for this trend had nothing to do with side-eyes. In fact, it was an edit of Golden State Warriors guard Gary Payton II catching and finishing an alley-oop. In the background, @warriorscentral2 used a slowed-down version of Yeat’s “Gët Busy.” The sound now has over 20,000 videos attached to it, even though a majority aren’t related to the Golden State Warriors.

This trend is simply the physical version of the side-eye trend started by @user6934054176375, where TikTokers used a sound that simply said “side-eye” to questionable statements they heard.

TikTokers have shown their affection for giving side-eyes, and this trend is another way of fulfilling that desire.

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