Titus Low fined for obscene content, jailed for defying police orders

Influencer Titus Low appears at the courts to face charges of transmitting obscene material on OnlyFans. (PHOTO: Nick Tan/Yahoo News Singapore)
Influencer Titus Low in his past appearance in court. (FILE PHOTO: Nick Tan/Yahoo News Singapore)

SINGAPORE - Content creator Titus Low was sentenced on Wednesday (12 October) to a $3,000 fine for transmitting obscene materials on online subscription-based platform OnlyFans, and three weeks' jail continuing to access his account despite the authorities warning him not to do so.

According to The Straits Times, the 22-year-old pleaded guilty to two charges: one count of transmitting obscene material by electronic means, and breaching a police order barring him from accessing his OnlyFans account.

Another three similar charges were taken into consideration.

Changes password to continue upload content

The Straits Times reported that Low was investigated for transmitting obscene material on OnlyFans in October 2021, after a man had informed the police that his 12-year-old niece had on her mobile phone a video of Low performing a sex act.

On 11 October last year, Low gave the password of his OnlyFans account to the police, as well as the primary e-mail linked to it. He was ordered not to access the account while investigations were ongoing.

That same day, he contacted the OnlyFans support desk to inform them that his account had been hacked and to ask for assistance to reset his password.

He succeeded in regaining access to his account on 12 October, and again uploaded obscene photos and videos on the platform.

Later on, the police tried to access the account as part of its investigation, but could not do so. When police confronted Low, he admitted that he had changed the password.

The police warned him not to breach the order again, and changed the password of his OnlyFans account. But Low again contacted the OnlyFans support desk and was able to regain access of his account.

He continued to upload numerous photos and videos, which showed him performing sexual acts.

1st content creator to be convicted of uploading obscene materials

Low is the first content creator in Singapore to be convicted of transmitting obscene materials on the platform.

His account on OnlyFans - a social media platform where members can share adult content - currently has 208 posts and 338 media files. It is now inactive.

His wife, Malaysian influencer Cheryl Chin, is around three months pregnant and was present in court during the proceedings.

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