Tom Felton's mum too starstruck to meet Sir Paul McCartney

Tom Felton’s mother was too scared to meet Sir Paul McCartney.

The ‘Harry Potter’ actor was delighted to find the Beatles legend was as “gracious and friendly” as he had hoped, but the occasion was too much for his mum, who couldn’t bring herself to talk to her lifelong “crush”.

Asked when he was most starstruck, Tom told Empire magazine: “Meeting Sir Paul McCartney. It was pretty epic.

“I was working with him for a Comic Relief skit and I brought my mum along, who grew up with him, he was her biggest crush.

“So I met Sir Paul, he was very gracious and friendly.

“Then I looked at my mum and literally dragged her across the room and said, ‘Come on, this is your chance to meet him!’

“She got halfway and then just turned around and said, ‘No, can’t do it.’

“I went up to Paul and said, ‘Sorry mate, she’s not ready to meet you now. Maybe another day.”

The 36-year-old star recently returned to the UK after a period living in Los Angeles and he is relieved to be home because of the wide range of crisps available to buy.

He said: “I’ve just come back from living in Los Angeles for quite a while and well… Quite frankly, no-one does crisps like England.

“The selection we have is unmatched by any nation, I believe.

“Off the top of the head, we’re talking Twiglets, we’re talking Skips, we’re talking prawn cocktail, we’re talking Walker’s salt and vinegar, we’re talking pickled onion Monster Munch.”

Tom joked he loves crisps so much, he’s open to an endorsement deal with a snack company.

He added: “I should comment at this point that I’m not endorsed by any crisp company. But if one does want to reach out…”