Tom Glynn-Carney and Ewan Mitchell’s ‘Explain This’ Video Is Pure Chaos

ewan mitchell and tom glynn carney
Tom Glynn-Carney and Ewan Mitchell on ‘HOTD’ S2Esquire

When House of the Dragon returns on July 16, audiences will return once again to Westeros and its power hungry, wig-wearing Targaryen family. Actors Tom Glynn-Carney and Ewan Mitchell play King Aegon II and his younger brother Aemond, respectively, whom we see rapidly age between season 1 and season 2 from young children to royals at war. "In the last three episodes of season 1, I presented a character that was entirely black," Mitchell tells Esquire. “In season 2, I can’t wait to turn him gray."

Since House of the Dragon is often bleaker than anything else on TV, Mitchell and Glynn-Carney lightened the mood in a new episode of Esquire's "Explain This." The British actors talked about Olivia Cooke playing their mother despite being nearly the same age in real life, as well as the time that Glynn-Carney bit Mitchell while filming a brotherly fight.

"I think I remember saying to you, 'I'm gonna bite you,' and then in rehearsal when I didn't do it, you went, 'bite me,'" Glynn-Carney recalls. Mitchell remembers thinking, "save it for the day." When the cameras starting rolling on their brawl, Glynn-Carney, "chomped down" on him. "Very tasty," he jokes.

Elsewhere in the video, we ask the two actors if season 2 will have more dragons—and if there's such a thing as too many dragons? "There is no limit," Mitchell responds, with Glynn-Carney adding that "more dragons than people" is his cutoff. Personally, I side with Mitchell.

For more on the duo's dragon riding, upcoming character arcs, and working with Barry Keoghan on Saltburn and Dunkirk, watch the video above. And if you need a bit a refresher before season 2 (I know I certainly do!), then revisit season 1 episode recaps as we await our return to Westeros.

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