Top Asian pop megastars

Their names may not be on the tip of your tongue but these singers and musicians frequently top the charts in Asia. But who are they and where are they most famous? Here is everything you need to know about these up-and-coming performers.

Stars in China

You might not recognise the name of this French artist but thousands in China know him as Dailiang. Dantès settled in China in 2000, and after attending the Shanghai Music Conservatory he wrote his thesis on the Chinese music industry. His first album was released in 2007.
YZit is a former member of the French rap duo Tragédie, a group which rose to fame in the early 2000s. He chose Asia - and more precisely China - to stage his big comeback to the music industry, and as the country accounts for at least a fifth of the world's population it is an exciting prospect for any artist.
Stars in Korea
Sanne Gottlieb
Danish singer Sanne Gottlieb may not be very well-known in the western hemisphere. However, she has settled well in Asia and has gone on to become a huge hit. After switching from figure skating to singing in her teens she hasn't looked back and her latest album ‘Cassette From Your Ex’ has been well received in both Korea and Singapore.
Stars in Thailand
Jessica Jay

Singer Jessica first appeared on the Asian music scene with her single ‘Femme Au Cœur Brisé (Woman With A Broken Heart) back in 1993. This was one of the country's top-selling records with more than one million copies sold, making it the song of the year and Jessica an overnight success. Her latest single is ‘Casablanca’.
Stars in Japan
Scott Murphy

This musician from Chicago and former member of the pop punk band Allister settled in Japan at the beginning of the millennium to work on his solo career. He is famous for covering a number of J-pop songs and enjoys considerable success in the land of the rising sun.
She had success in France but in Asia her last album ‘Psychédélices’ went gold, and was especially successful in Japan.
Jake Shimabukuro
Known as the Jimi Hendrix of the ukulele, this Hawaiian artist began his solo career in 2001 after playing in two bands. He is now a true star in Japan, where he has gone on to release several albums.
Stars in the Philippines
Billy Crawford
This Filipino-American artist enjoyed critical acclaim in France in the early 2000s, but failed to make his mark on the rest of Europe or the U.S. He has since abandoned the Western music scene to concentrate on building a career in the Philippines as both a singer and TV show host.