Top Five Games to Watch - 2023 NFL Regular Season

Yahoo Sports’ Frank Schwab breaks down the 2023 NFL schedule, including a few important matchups to keep an eye on.

Video transcript

FRANK SCHWAB: The NFL regular season schedule is out, and we are going to look at the five best games of the 272 released by the NFL. And we're going to start with a playoff rematch. It's the Buffalo Bills at the Cincinnati Bengals.

Obviously, this is also a rematch of a regular season game that was canceled after Damar Hamlin's medical emergency. These two teams met later in the playoffs, and the Bengals blew the doors off the Bills. It was a shocking upset.

Not that the Bengals aren't a good team, but the Bills had those Super Bowl hopes dashed that day. They were never really in that game. They're going to want some revenge here. And the Bills also have some Super Bowl hopes.

They're going to have to win games, like at Cincinnati, maybe to get that number 1 seed, make it to a Super Bowl. But the Bengals are Super Bowl favorites too. It's a really, really good game. It's going to determine a lot in the AFC playoff picture.

At number four, we have a tie, because the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys are going to play twice. I'm really looking forward to these NFC East games. Yes, the NFC is down this year. But I think that these are the two best teams in the NFC. And we get to see them play twice.

Only one can win the division. We know this is a great rivalry. Eagles-Cowboys both have loaded rosters. Eagles went to a Super Bowl last year, fell short. But then again, they added to the roster, added a great draft class.

The Cowboys are going to be really good too. That fantastic defense. I'm looking forward to both of these games on the schedule. Couldn't decide between one or the other. So I had a tie at number four. Eagles-Cowboys, both of those games.

At number three, another playoff rematch. You're going to see that theme here, the San Francisco 49ers at the Philadelphia Eagles. The San Francisco 49ers had to come out of that NFC Championship game last year thinking that if they had a quarterback, they could have won that game and moved on to a Super Bowl.

Instead, we all know Brock Purdy injured his elbow. 49ers were severely short at quarterback. Eagles blew them out to move on to the Super Bowl. The 49ers come back. A lot of quarterback questions still, but a great roster.

They want to go to the Super Bowl. But to do so, they're going to have to go through the Eagles. Winning this game on the road might be huge for home field advantage in the playoffs. Let's keep an eye on a huge 49ers-Eagles Game.

At number two, look, the Kansas City Chiefs have a great schedule this year. They have a bunch of games that are must-watch. Couldn't pick them all. I'm going to go with the Cincinnati Bengals at the Chiefs for my number two must-watch game this season.

The Bengals and Chiefs have a little rivalry going now. They've met a few times the past few years. We all remember the trash-talking the Bengals did before the AFC Championship game last year, Burrowhead and whatnot.

The Chiefs got out of that game with a very close win. They went on to win the Super Bowl. When the Bengals come back, they're going to want some revenge for that loss. They want to make the Super Bowl themselves.

Just like that Eagles-49ers game before, if the Bengals can go into Arrowhead, win this game, it could be huge for home field advantage down the road. These might be the two best teams in football, and we get to see them play it out in Arrowhead Stadium.

At number one, there could only be one game for this spot. It's the Super Bowl rematch, the Philadelphia Eagles against the Kansas City Chiefs. What a great Super Bowl we saw from these two teams. And both teams are Super Bowl favorites again, number 1 and 2 in the odds.

The Eagles had another great offseason, added to their already loaded roster. And we know the Chiefs are going to be there. As long as they have Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes, they're going to be contenders for the Super Bowl.

It's going to be a really fun game between two teams we saw battles so hard last year in Arizona. This is the number one game on the NFL's schedule for the regular season.