Traffic Police to use unmarked patrol cars

Ion Danker

Motorists, beware. The Traffic Police will be using unmarked cars to conduct enforcement patrols on the road.
In addition to their normal fleet of marked cars, the Traffic Police will also have a dedicated patrol team that will focus on motorcyclists.
Speaking at the 5th Bukit Batok Driving Centre Ride Safe 2012 campaign launch on Saturday, Minister in the Prime Minister's Office and Second Minister for Home Affairs & Trade and Industry, S Iswaran, said: "Road safety is every motorist's personal responsibility. It underscores our commitment to safeguard the well being of not just ourselves and our families, but also that of other road users and their families.

"Hence, we expect motorists to adhere to traffic rules at all times, and to exercise due consideration for other road users, especially the vulnerable users like motorcyclists, pedal cyclists and pedestrians."

The unmarked Traffic Police cars may either stop the offending motorist to issue them a summon or make a record of the offence before issuing a summon later.
Motorists Yahoo! Singapore spoke to were supportive of the latest initiative by the Traffic Police.
Said IT specialist Andrew Tan, 28, "I think this is a very good initiative to curb the number of accidents and to ensure safety on the roads."
Accountant Ursula Ng, 34, agreed. "Our roads are getting too overcrowded with vehicles and there are accidents every day due to various reasons. I really hope this will deter motorists from speeding and driving dangerously," she said.
Added motorcyclist Mohd Fadli, 31, "I'm sure the unmarked cars will be out in full force to ensure safety on the roads but motorists should also be more considerate and patient."
The Traffic Police last used unmarked patrol cars in 2004.