Trafficker offered underaged girl more drugs in exchange for sexual favours

Packets containing crystalline substance.
Packets containing crystalline substance. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

SINGAPORE — A man not only sold drugs to an underaged girl, but offered her more narcotics in exchange for sexual favours.

Wan Faiz Wan Abdullah, 32, asked the girl, then aged between 14 and 15, to perform oral sex on him. Two days later, Faiz made the same request again, even after she said she was having her period.

Faiz was jailed for six years and five months and given five strokes of the cane on Tuesday (25 January) after he pleaded guilty to five charges. They involve attempting to procure the commission of indecent acts with the victim, trafficking, and consuming and possessing methamphetamine.

Another 11 charges of a similar nature were considered for his sentencing.

The victim, now 17, cannot be named due to a gag order on her identity.

Faiz, a Singaporean, met the girl in 2019 through a mutual friend who would sometimes buy drugs from Faiz while accompanied by the girl.

In June 2019, the girl contacted Faiz and asked to buy Ice, the street name for methamphetamine. They began meeting for the purchases.

Asked for sexual favours

On 21 July 2019, Faiz offered to give her more drugs if she performed oral sex on him. When she replied that she had to meet someone later, he asked if they could engage in “fast” sex.

They did not meet that day, but agreed to meet the following day at a Sheng Siong supermarket near the victim’s house. That night, Faiz sold the girl a plastic packet continuing 0.2g of Ice for $20. The girl went home and smoked half the packet.

The next day, acting on information received, Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) officers performed a spot check on the victim’s home and seized the packet and drug utensils.

The packet was sent for analysis and found to contain no less than 0.09g of methamphetamine.

On 23 July, the victim and Faiz again exchanged WhatsApp messages and Faiz asked her if she was still having her period. The victim confirmed this. A few minutes later, Faiz asked the girl to perform oral sex on him again. The sexual acts did not occur.

The next day, a group of CNB officers arrested Faiz at Balam Park Connector. His bag was searched and officers found a power bank casing with an attached rubber band and USB cable. Inside the power bank casing, officers found three packets containing 0.28g, 0.74g and 1.45g of crystalline substance, empty plastic packets, and a straw with an improvised plastic cover.

CNB officers who searched Faiz’s e-bike also found a pouch hanging below its seat. The pouch contained a plastic container with drug utensils, a piece of tissue paper and three lighters.

After the arrest, officers brought Faiz to his residence and seized a digital weighing machine and three plastic packets containing a crystalline substance. They had a total of 1.23g of methamphetamine.

Faiz’s urine samples also contained traces of the drug. He had last consumed it on 24 July 2019.

The prosecution sought nine years and two months’ jail for Faiz, with five strokes of the cane, pointing out that Faiz had trafficked the drug to a minor. He had also one charge of trafficking to another minor considered for his sentencing.

Even though no sexual acts had taken place between Faiz and the victim, the acts that he tried to procure were of “high severity”, said the prosecution.

Faiz had even tried to leverage on the victim’s dependence on Ice to pressure her into performing oral sex on him, added the prosecution.

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