The Traitors finale: Winner of £95,150 prize crowned in heart-racing series conclusion

The second season of The Traitors reached its thrilling conclusion on Friday (26 January).

Warning – Major spoilers for The Traitors season finale ahead.

The dramatic 70-minute series finale saw 22-year-old British Army engineer Harry reign victorious.

After the penultimate episode, Jaz, Mollie and Evie were left as the three remaining Faithfuls while Harry and Andrew were left as Traitors.

Over the past three weeks, viewers have watched on the edge of their seats as 22 contestants competed for the life-changing jackpot.

The game show, fronted by Claudia Winkleman, sees a group of strangers split into Faithfuls and Traitors who are tasked with playing the ultimate game of deception. Each night, the Traitors choose a Faithful to “murder” while the Faithfuls must work together to eliminate the Traitors.

‘The Traitors’ final five (BBC/Studio Lambert/Paul Chappells)
‘The Traitors’ final five (BBC/Studio Lambert/Paul Chappells)

In the final episode, the contestants started off by scouring the cliffs of Portknockie for flags. The flags would then be used to raise the mainsail on the Traitors’ ship to win an extra £10,000 added to the jackpot.

Evie was the first finalist to be eliminated after receiving votes from all of her fellow contestants, meaning there were two Traitors and just two Faithfuls remaining.

Realising Andrew was the most vulnerable after receiving the only other vote from Evie, Harry decided to throw his fellow Traitor under the bus. Andrew came to the same realisation, though, and attempted to sway Jaz to vote for Harry next.

Players then had to decide together whether they wanted to banish again or “endgame”. All four decided to vote again. Traitor Andrew was then unanimously voted off.

Then came one more vote after Jaz decided he still didn’t trust Harry. Unfortunately, he fooled Molly into believing he was a Faithful and Jaz was eliminated.

The first season of the show, which debuted last year, quickly became a hit, landing an average of 5.4 million viewers. Last year, the US even released its own version, hosted by Alan Cumming.

Now the BBC is looking for its next group of contestants to join the 2025 series.

You can find all the information on how to apply for series three here.

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