Transition to SimplyGo: Commuters can't use EZ-Link adult or NETS FlashPay cards for fare payment from 1 June

These public transport users should upgrade or exchange their cards at SimplyGo ticketing machine, office or service centre

The SimplyGo app and the SimplyGo EZ-Link card. (PHOTO: SimplyGo)
The SimplyGo app and the SimplyGo EZ-Link card. (PHOTO: SimplyGo)

SINGAPORE — NETS FlashPay cards, as well as EZ-Link adult cards not yet upgraded to SimplyGo EZ-Link, will no longer be accepted as public transport fare payment from 1 June.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said in a media release on Tuesday (9 January) that these two legacy stored-value cards can still be used for other motoring-related payments such as Electronic Road Pricing and parking charges.

LTA said this change is part of the transition towards the SimplyGo system first introduced in 2019, which allows users to view their fare history, top up with mobile phones and block lost cards remotely. The platform also enables commuters to use contactless bank cards for public transport.

Currently, about two in three adult fare transactions on public transport are made using either SimplyGo EZ-Link or bank cards.

Most adult commuters will not be affected by this transition, as they are already using SimplyGo EZ-Link or contactless bank cards. Commuters using concession cards will not be affected.

How to prepare for transition to SimplyGo

For those commuters using the two legacy stored-valued cards, they should prepare for the transition as follows:

  • EZ-Link adult card: Upgrade existing cards to the SimplyGo system at any ticketing machine, SimplyGo ticket office or ticketing service centre. Commuters can retain their current cards. As a reminder, these cardholders will receive prompts to upgrade when topping up their cards at ticketing machines from end-March.

  • NETS FlashPay Card: Exchange their NETS FlashPay card for a free NETS prepaid card at SimplyGo ticket offices or ticketing service centres.

Alternatively, adult commuters using these cards can opt for other SimplyGo payment options, including contactless bank cards. Their legacy stored-value cards can be used for other non-transit payments, or be refunded.

EZ-Link adult cardholders who wish to continue using the cards for motoring-related payments should not upgrade their cards to the SimplyGo system. On the other hand, NETS FlashPay Cards will continue to be accepted for motoring-related payments and retail purchases at NETS acceptance points.

Commuters who would like to check if their EZ-Link card requires upgrading to SimplyGo EZ-Link can do so on EZ-Link's dedicated interactive guide. They can also do so by checking if their card has the SimplyGo logo via the SimplyGo app, EZ-Link app or at any ticketing machine.


After 1 June, EZ-Link adult and NETS FlashPay cardholders can continue to obtain refunds for their cards’ remaining value at SimplyGo ticket offices or ticketing service centres.

From 19 January to 18 July, NETS FlashPay cardholders can visit any of the 44 SimplyGo ticket offices to exchange for a NETS prepaid card. The remaining value in the FlashPay card will be refunded.

To encourage commuters to take action, EZ-Link is running a lucky draw until 31 May, where 1,000 eligible participants stand to win up to six months of free public transport travel.

Download SimplyGo app to enjoy full benefits

Commuters are encouraged to download the SimplyGo mobile app to enjoy the full benefits of the platform, such as fare transactions viewing and remote card balance top-ups. For those without the app, they can view their travel transactions and card balance at ticketing machines.

Service ambassadors will be deployed at MRT, LRT stations and bus interchanges with ticketing machines to assist commuters to upgrade their cards as well as to assist them to download and use the SimplyGo app.

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