Travis Kelce Shares Highlights of Sydney Zoo Visit with Taylor Swift: Petting a Rhino 'Felt Terrifying'

From meeting "sweet" kangaroos to feeding big cats, the couple had a "fun" time with the zoo creatures, Kelce said

<p>Gotham/GC Images; Ross Travis/Instagram</p> Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce; Travis Kelce petting a rhino at the Sydney Zoo

Gotham/GC Images; Ross Travis/Instagram

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce; Travis Kelce petting a rhino at the Sydney Zoo

Travis Kelce had the best day with Taylor Swift at the Sydney Zoo!

In the latest episode of New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, the NFL star, 34, gave new details about the couple’s trip to the zoo, which they visited after he arrived in Sydney last month to support Swift during her Australian tour leg.

Recalling the visit with Swift, 34, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end told brother Jason Kelce they were greeted by “full-on helicopters just flying around … they helicoptered us.”

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“Well, not us, Taylor,” he clarified, adding, “This is all because Taylor is the biggest and the best thing possible.”

<p>Ross Travis/Instagram</p> Travis Kelce feeding a kangaroo at the Sydney Zoo.

Ross Travis/Instagram

Travis Kelce feeding a kangaroo at the Sydney Zoo.

He went on to recall some of the creatures he and Swift interacted with at the zoo — from the “friendly” to the utterly “terrifying.”

According to Travis, he “got to see a red panda up close and personal” as well as some kangaroos, which he said “were pretty sweet.”

The football pro also said one of his “favorite things” was a zookeeper at the enclosure for the red panda (which he dubbed a “friendly raccoon”) revealing that the animals “are escape artists.”

“This thing just got so many brownie points for me, dude,” Travis said, recalling that he thought to himself, “How many times has this thing gotten out? Is it daily?”

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The tight end also recalled seeing a “ginormous” crocodile and African elephants, as well as some very memorable big cats.

<p>Ross Travis/Instagram</p> Travis Kelce with a lion at the Sydney Zoo

Ross Travis/Instagram

Travis Kelce with a lion at the Sydney Zoo

"Saw a tiger sitting up in a treehouse. That s--- was f---ing sweet, ain’t gonna lie," he told Jason, 36. "Saw a lion close up. Dude, when you hear that [roar] — ‘cause I had Taylor take a picture — it just was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ ”

Added Travis: “Let alone one, you see three of them run down from their rock, their perch, knowing they’re about to get fed … you see how fast and agile that thing is, dude, it’s over.”

"I’m not messing with cats, it doesn’t matter what size," Jason said, and his brother added, "You could tell one was the big bad, I was just like, 'Damn, that’s a bad man right there.' “

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As for the less intimidating species, Travis told Jason they were able to feed not only red pandas but also koalas and capybaras, which he described as “enormous-sized hamsters,” and pet a rhinoceros.

“You pet a rhino? How is that not the thing you lead with,” Jason asked, and Travis noted, “That’s a good point.”

<p>Ross Travis/Instagram</p> Travis Kelce petting a rhino

Ross Travis/Instagram

Travis Kelce petting a rhino

Reflecting on the experience with the mammal — which Travis’ friend Ross Travis documented and shared in an Instagram post — the Super Bowl champ said, “It felt terrifying … to be even in the same pen.”

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After Jason asked if its hide felt like a “leather jacket,” Travis said, “That thing had just got done running around in mud, like me petting it was like me putting my hand on a plaster wall … dude, that thing was rock solid.”

"Dude, those things are majestic, man,” he said. “You could tell how heavy that thing is and how it could just f--- you up.”

And, summarizing the whole zoo trip, Travis said, “It was fun. That was a fun one and then we got to enjoy the Taylor Swift show.”

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