I tried all 31+ flavors of ice cream at Baskin-Robbins and ranked them from worst to best

I tried all 31+ flavors of ice cream at Baskin-Robbins and ranked them from worst to best
  • I've wanted to try every flavor at Baskin-Robbins since I was 7, and I finally got the chance.

  • My location had two bonus ice creams, so I tasted and ranked 33 different flavors.

  • Pink bubblegum and vanilla fell toward the bottom, but I loved the strawberry-cheesecake ice cream.

Did you ever dream of walking into an ice-cream shop as a kid and asking for one of everything?

As one of the top ice-cream franchises in the US, Baskin-Robbins has been serving scoops since 1945. The chain was originally known for its 31 flavors of ice cream, but between seasonal rotations and menu updates, it's offered more than 1,000 flavors over the years.

I got to live out my 7-year-old fantasy for the ultimate taste-testing adventure: Trying every flavor at my local Baskin-Robbins.

I entered the chain at 11:02 a.m. on a Wednesday, and Ginnette was the only worker there. She single-handedly scooped, packed, and labeled all 33 flavors — the standard 31 plus two bonus flavors — in less than 32 minutes.

In the most important journalistic investigation I've ever undertaken, I ranked every flavor from worst to best.

33. Blue’s Boardwalk Bash

scoop of blues boardwalk bash ice cream from baskin robbins
The raspberry ice cream had Oreo cookies and swirls of cotton candy. Meredith Schneider

I was happy to see my shop was carrying a couple of limited-edition flavors in honor of the animated movie "If," including Blue's Boardwalk Bash.

The raspberry ice cream, gritty cotton-candy swirls, and Oreo pieces would probably be great separately. Together? Not so much.

32. Pink bubblegum

scoop of pink bubble gum ice cream from baskin robbins
The bubblegum-flavored ice cream was filled with chewy bubble-gum candies. Meredith Schneider

Baskin-Robbin's bubblegum-flavored ice cream has chunks of bubblegum-flavored candies swirled through it. But the candy pieces were too hard for my liking.

Also, the idea of swallowing bubble gum made this ice cream pretty unappetizing.

31. Daiquiri ice

scoop of daiquiri ice sorbet from baskin robbins
The nondairy option had lime and rum flavorings. Meredith Schneider

The daiquiri ice flavor is a good nondairy option at the chain with lime and rum flavorings. Unfortunately, I'm not a huge fan of lime.

I'd definitely add booze to the ice to turn it into a summer drink, but I didn't like it as a casual iced dessert.

30. Vanilla

scoop of vanilla ice cream from baskin robbins
The plain vanilla was simple.Meredith Schneider

It's a great staple, but the plain vanilla wasn't as rich as I know it could've been.

I would be keener on French vanilla, or something swirled with flecks of natural vanilla beans.

29. Chocolate

scoop of chocolate ice cream from baskin robbins
The plain chocolate had a buttery base. Meredith Schneider

Regular chocolate ice cream isn't usually that dynamic of a flavor.

But Baskin-Robbins' version almost had a buttery quality. It had a little depth that made it taste homemade.

28. Cotton candy

scoop of cotton candy ice cream from baskin robbins
The blue-and-pink ice cream was cotton-candy flavored. Meredith Schneider

The ice cream tasted exactly like its namesake sweet. But I missed the signature fluffy texture.

27. Gold Medal Ribbon

scoop of gold medal ribbon ice cream from baskin robbins
Gold Medal Ribbon is one of Baskin-Robbins signature flavors. Meredith Schneider

Gold Medal Ribbon blends Baskin-Robbins' chocolate and vanilla ice creams with a ribbon of caramel.

There was a nostalgic flavor to the ice creams, and the ribbon of caramel was nice and smooth.

Pro tip: I added fresh strawberries to make it feel more like a sundae.

26. Chocolate chip

scoop of chocolate chip ice cream from baskin robbins
The vanilla ice cream was loaded with flecks of chocolate. Meredith Schneider

The best part of the standard chocolate-chip ice cream was that the vanilla base was extra buttery.

25. Nutty coconut

scoop of nutty coconut ice cream form baskin robbins
The coconut-flavored ice cream had roasted almonds, pecans, and walnuts. Meredith Schneider

Nutty coconut blends coconut-flavored ice cream with a mix of almonds, pecans, and walnuts.

The coconut flavor worked harmoniously with the nuts.

But to make it better, I'd probably add chocolate or sandwich it between macadamia-nut cookies.

24. Jamoca

scoop of jamoca ice cream from baskin robins
Jamoca is a signature coffee-flavored ice cream at Baskin-Robbins. Meredith Schneider

Eating Baskin-Robbins' Jamoca ice cream — the chain's take on a coffee flavor — is a smooth, rich treat.

But I noticed the coffee flavor tasted slightly more bitter than the chain's cold-brew offering.

23. Chocolate Mousse Royale

scoop of chocolate mousse royale ice cream from baskin robbins
The chocolate-mousse-flavored ice cream had added chocolate flakes. Meredith Schneider

The ice cream was supposedly chocolate-mousse flavored, but it really just tasted like basic chocolate with some chocolate flakes.

Good, but not a top pick for me.

22. Cherries jubilee

scoop of cherries jubilee ice cream from baskin robbins
The flavor included cherry ice cream, cherry pieces, and a bit of rum flavoring. Meredith Schneider

Baskin-Robbins' cherry-flavored ice cream with real cherry halves kicks things up a notch with a splash of rum flavoring.

Cherry isn't typically my go-to, but Baskin-Robbins' take on it was delightfully dark and flavorful.

21. Black walnut

scoop of black walnut ice cream from baskin robbins
The bitter walnuts paired nicely with the sweet ice cream. Meredith Schneider

Black walnut is a classic, nutty ice-cream flavor, and Baskin'-Robbins offers it seasonally in its scoop shops.

The simple base had a creamy, beautiful texture. The walnuts were bitter, but the ice cream gave it a sweet finish.

20. Mint chocolate chip

scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream from baskin robbins
The green, mint-flavored ice cream had plenty of chocolate chips. Meredith Schneider

I thought the classic flavor tasted more natural here than other brands I've tried. But it was still slightly too sweet for me.

19. Reese’s peanut-butter cup

scoop of reeses ice cream from baskin robbins
You can't really go wrong with Reese's and ice cream. Meredith Schneider

Also available seasonally, the Reese's flavor tasted pretty similar to other brands featuring the peanut-butter candy. But the base was a little more buttery, which elevated it.

I think it's a great base flavor that could pair nicely with other offerings.

18. Very berry strawberry

scoop of very berry ice cream from baskin robbins
The strawberry ice cream also had some strawberry pieces in it. Meredith Schneider

Baskin-Robbins' strawberry ice cream was creamy. And the chunks of fruit in it, though sparse, packed flavor.

But given the name, I was expecting more berries.

17. Blossom’s Berry Twirl

scoop of blossom's berry twirl ice cream from baskin robbins
The special flavor included strawberry and sweet-cream ice creams, rainbow sprinkles, and sugar-cookie dough.Meredith Schneider

Blossom's Berry Twirl was the other monthly flavor tied to the release of "If," and it surprised me.

The flavor mixed strawberry and sweet-cream ice creams with plenty of rainbow sprinkles and sugar cookie dough pieces swirled in.

It tasted like a lovely strawberry shortcake.

16. Peppermint

scoop of peppermint ice cream from baskin robbins
There were candy pieces in the peppermint-flavored ice cream. Meredith Schneider

The peppermint flavor was surprisingly refreshing, with a little sugary crunch in each bite from the candy pieces.

15. Old-fashioned butter pecan

scoop of butter pecan ice cream from baskin robbins
The classic flavor included butter-roasted pecans. Meredith Schneider

Butter pecan is a scoop shop staple. Baskin-Robbins' version combines butter-pecan-flavored ice cream and chunks of sweet butter-roasted pecans.

The ice cream itself was buttery and really enveloped the crunch of the pecan.

I would've liked it even without the striking sweetness from the butterscotch ribbon.

14. Jamoca almond fudge

scoop of jamoca almond fudge ice cream form baskin robbins
The flavor incorporated almonds and chocolate into the Jamoca ice cream. Meredith Schneider

The rich coffee ice cream combines Baskin-Robbins' Jamoca flavor with roasted almonds and chocolate fudge.

The almonds had the perfect snap, and the chocolate sauce added some sweetness to balance the bitter coffee base.

I think it would be even better with a drizzle of chewy fudge.

13. Icing on the Cake

scoop of icing on the cake ice cream from baskin robbins
The cake-flavored ice cream was filled with cake, sprinkles, and frosting. Meredith Schneider

Baskin-Robbins' take on birthday-cake ice cream combines cake-flavored ice cream with cake pieces, sprinkles, and frosting.

The ice cream didn't really taste like cake to me, but the added chunks of yellow cake were phenomenal. They somehow stayed moist in the ice cream.

It almost tasted like one of those fully frosted animal cookies.

12. Pralines 'n cream

scoop of pralines and cream ice cream from baskin robbins
In addition to pecans, the vanilla ice cream had swirls of caramel. Meredith Schneider

Another classic ice-cream flavor, the chain's pralines 'n cream is a sweet blend of vanilla ice cream with praline chunks and a caramel swirl.

This brought me right back to the warm nights I've spent in New Orleans.

It was decadent and creamy, and there was a beautiful crunch and punch of sugar from the praline.

11. Pistachio almond

scoop of pistachio ice cream from baskin robbins
Roasted almonds speckled the pistachio ice cream. Meredith Schneider

I've never tasted a creamier pistachio ice cream. Plus, there were multiple almonds in every bite.

10. Lemon custard

scoop of lemon custard ice cream from baskin robbins
The citrusy ice cream tasted like pie. Meredith Schneider

Another surprise flavor that wasn't advertised for the season was lemon custard. The rich custardy ice-cream base had plenty of citrusy flavors and bits of lemon peel.

I could tell what it was supposed to be immediately — it was like taking a bite out of a pie.

9. Wild 'n reckless sherbet

scoop of wild and reckless sorbet from baskin robbins
Baskin-Robbins' take on a rainbow sherbet has fun colors. Meredith Schneider

I traveled back in time to my rainbow-sherbet days of the 1990s. But this time, it had all the best colors.

Instead of basic fruit flavors, green apple, blue raspberry, and fruit punch make up the trio of swirled sherbets.

I was floored by the flavor — it tasted so much like fresh berries. There was a pleasant and light sour punch in my jaw toward the end of every bite.

8. No-sugar-added caramel turtle truffle

scoop of caramel turtle truffle ice cream from baskin robbins
The caramel and chocolate turtle pieces made this flavor. Meredith Schneider

The low-sugar flavor combines vanilla ice cream with caramel-filled chocolate turtle candies and a swirl of caramel sauce.

It wasn't heavy and rich like some ice creams. The taste was light and fresh — almost like soft serve blended with caramel and incredibly smooth chocolate turtles.

7. Peanut butter 'n chocolate

scoop of peanut butter and chocolate ice cream from baskin robbins
Chocolate ice cream with swirls of peanut butter is hard to beat. Meredith Schneider

Chocolate and peanut butter is one of my absolute favorite flavor combinations, especially regarding ice cream, so I was ready to be picky.

But I have to admit, Baskin-Robbins' version with chocolate ice creamy and peanut-butter swirls was pretty amazing.

The peanut butter was soft, and I realized halfway through my first bite that it was chunky — which is the best kind, in my opinion.

6. Triple mango

scoop of triple mango ice cream from baskin robbins
Mango ice cream, mango sorbet, and mango chunks round out the flavor. Meredith Schneider

Mango ice cream with mango sorbet and chunks of mango might sound like an overkill.

But the creamy ice cream kind of muted the flavor of the tangy sorbet, which allowed the chunks of fruit to pop with sweetness.

5. Baseball Nut

scoop of baseball nut ice cream from baskin robbins
The flavor includes a unique combination of raspberries, cashews, and vanilla. Meredith Schneider

Baseball Nut came out of left field for me. I wasn't sure I'd like vanilla ice cream with raspberries and cashews.

But a little bit of this flavor goes a long way between the decadent cashews in every bite and the sweetness of the raspberries.

4. Love Potion #31

scoop of love potion ice cream from baskin robbins
Chocolate toppings peaked through the raspberry and white-chocolate ice creams. Meredith Schneider

Love Potion #31 tasted exactly like a Valentine's Day chocolate — raspberry truffle with notes of dark chocolate and whimsy.

The mix of raspberry and white-chocolate ice creams paired beautifully with the raspberry swirls, chocolate flakes, and raspberry-filled chocolate candies.

3. Chocolate fudge

scoop of chocolate fudge ice cream from baskin robbins
The chocolate-fudge ice cream was rich and dark. Meredith Schneider

The fudge was the perfect consistency, more like a soft brownie with a touch of dark chocolate.

I wanted to eat this for infinity.

2. Oreo 'n cold brew

scoop of oreo cold brew ice cream from baskin robbins
The cold-brew base was sweet and the cookie pieces were crunchy.Meredith Schneider

The cold-brew-flavored ice cream was so sweet that it almost tasted like caramel — it wasn't bitter like Jamoca.

Coupled with the beautiful crunch of the pieces of Oreos mixed in, I could eat this all day.

1. Strawberry cheesecake

scoop of strawberry cheesecake ice cream from baskin robbins
The cheesecake ice cream with strawbrry swirls and pieces of cheesecake won me over. Meredith Schneider

The cheesecake ice cream has swirls of strawberry sauce and pieces of actual cheesecake. The fruity flavors, though rich from the ice cream, tasted fresh.

It brought me back to hot summer evenings at Junior's, watching the sunset while splitting a slice of ice-cold cheesecake with friends.

Although I had a few favorites, it was definitely my top pick.

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