Trio arrested for fighting in Chinatown Point car park

A screengrab from the video of the fight that took place in the car park of Chinatown Point. (Source: Stomp)

Three men have been arrested for a brawl in a Chinatown Point car park.

A video of the incident posted online shows two men – one in a yellow shirt and another in black – trading blows in the car park.

Prior to the fight, the man in yellow alights from his van and confronts another who is in a silver van reversing into a car park lot. He throws something into the van before being approached by a man in black. The two then trade blows.

Two others join in the fight and one throws the man in yellow onto the ground. A woman intervenes and tries to separate the men.

(Video from Stomp)

Police told Yahoo News Singapore that they were alerted to a case of affray at 133 New Bridge Road on 9 February.

“Three men aged between 25 and 51 were arrested in relation to the case,” said a police spokesperson.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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