Trouble brewing: Schrock, Cagara leave Azkals because of Dooley

Stephan Schrock eludes two defenders. (George Calvelo/NPPA Images)

Trouble is brewing in the camp of the Philippine Azkals as two of their members have pulled out from the squad as long as current head coach Thomas Dooley is in command.

Stephan Schrock and Dennis Cagara announced on their social media accounts that they will no longer don the country’s colors in international competition unless the Azkals replace their coach.

Schrock was the first to announce his decision through his Facebook page.

“Dear fans, because of all accuses I want to talk to you directly. It’s not true that I don’t want to play for Philippines anymore. It was always a pleasure for me and I feel still honored to have the possibility to play for my country, the country where my heart belongs,” the statement said.

“I want to be honest to you because you deserve the truth. As long as coach Dooley will lead the team, I won't wear the jersey of Azkals again. Anyway I'm still one of you, and I'm proud to be one of you! I wish u all the best, for the football and for the team! I hope I will give [sic] my comeback one day.”

After this, the official Facebook page of the Philippine Azkals also released a statement confirming Schrock’s decision.

“Azkals Player Stephan Cabizares Schrock informed Coach Thomas Dooley and the Team Management tonight of his resignation from the Philippine National Football Team,” the statement read.

“Coach Dooley and Team Manager Dan Palami regret the decision of Schrock, but they accept and respect his desire to pursue new challenges. They likewise express their deep gratitude for Schrock's commitment to the Azkals in the past and his pivotal contribution to the team and raising football awareness in the country.”

Cagara, on the other hand, tweeted that he also decided to leave the team temporarily.

Bob Guerrero of Yahoo Philippines asked Dooley via SMS if he wants to release a statement or stay quiet for the time being.

“I never keep quiet,” Dooley replied. “I’m in Vietnam and when I’m back by Wednesday or Thursday, we will have a press conference.”

Dooley is in Vietnam to attend the draw of the 2014 Suzuki Cup.