Trump Compares Himself To Mother Teresa And Hilarity Ensues

Donald Trump’s pity party over his hush money trial in New York reached new heights on Wednesday when he compared himself to Mother Teresa.

As the jury began deliberating the case, the former president griped to reporters that the famed Catholic missionary “could not beat these charges.”

He continued to rant:

“I mean that: Mother Teresa could not beat those charges, but we’ll see,” Trump said. “We’ll see how we do. It’s a very disgraceful situation. Every single legal scholar said there’s no case and it shouldn’t be brought.”

However, the former president declined to answer a reporter who asked, “Do you mean you’re holier than Mother Teresa?”

Although both Mother Teresa and Trump were born to human parents and had all the hallmarks of the Homo sapiens species, the similarities might end there.

Mother Teresa, who despite controversies was declared a saint in 2016, devoted her life to helping needy people in the Indian city now called Kolkata.

So naturally, people on X, formerly Twitter, were quite amused to hear Trump compare himself to a saint.

And hilarity ensued ...