Trump’s inner circle furious as Fox News host seemingly backs Ron DeSantis

Members of Donald Trump’s inner circle called out Fox News host Mark Levin on Twitter for tweeting the link to Ron DeSantis’ campaign and accused the conservative commentator of fundraising for the Florida governor.

On Wednesday (24 May) evening, Levin tweeted the link hours after Mr DeSantis announced he would be joining the race for 2024 president.

Immediately, several Trump allies and supporters began criticising Levin for tweeting the link, believing it was an endorsement of Mr DeSantis.

“Fox News personality fundraising for Ron DeSantis,” Alex Bruesewitz, a consultant aligned with Mr Trump, tweeted.

Mr Trump’s longtime political adviser and campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung responded, “They’re in the tank” with a screenshot of Fox News broadcasting Mr DeSantis’ website link.

Levin, who once claimed he would “never” support Mr Trump, became a Trump supporter in 2016 and has continued supporting the former president.

Most recently, he expressed support for Mr Trump on his Fox News show Life, Liberty & Levin and defended Mr Trump over his recent criminal indictment.

But several of Mr Trump’s supporters accused Levin of being insincere on Twitter by tweeting the link to Mr DeSantis’ campaign.

Laura Loomer said he was “lying for ratings” saying, “I thought you just got done telling everyone to vote for Donald Trump.”

“Mark Levin literally just told everyone on the right to unite around Trump and vote for him WTH happened?” Twiter user Steven wrote adding that people should boycott Fox News

Levin responded to an article from Mediaite and clarified that he tweeted the link to Mr DeSantis’ campaign because he does so for everyone that is on his show.

“We link to every candidate who comes on the show, as any regular listener knows,” he tweeted.

Mr DeSantis joined Levin on his radio show The Mark Levin Show after announcing his campaign on Wednesday evening.