Trump’s niece calls him a ‘toddler’ for storming out of fraud trial

Trump’s niece calls him a ‘toddler’ for storming out of fraud trial

Donald Trump‘s niece branded him a “toddler” for abruptly walking out of the courtroom during his fraud trial in New York City.

While speaking on “The Dean Obeidallah Show,” Mary Trump and Dean Obeidallah discussed the fraud trial in New York, during which the former president was slapped with a $10,000 fine after violating a gag order for a second time.

Referring to the gag order, Obeidallah said, “Have you ever seen your uncle The Donald ever, this instantaneous accountability?”

“No,” Ms Trump said, “It was as if for the first time in 77 years, the toddler had been given a time out! And as you know, he didn’t react particularly well to it.”

The host then said, “Do you think he’s going to keep going back [to the courthouse] and risking this? I mean, he’s got to, on a personal human dynamic level, I imagine it’s got to be very painful to him. He’s actually been held accountable.”

“Yeah. You know, again, the reason he reacted so badly is because there have been very few, if any, circumstances in his entire life in which he didn’t have control of the room,” Ms Trump retorted. “So to have to sit there and take it must have been extremely painful.”

The former president’s niece then pointed out: “What people need to understand is he doesn’t have to be [in court]. He showed up voluntarily. And remember, this is the only case he’s shown up for. He didn’t bother going to the E Jean Carroll civil trial, I think, ever. So he’s putting himself in this position.”

On Thursday, Judge Arthur Engoron, who is overseeing the case, rejected Mr Trump’s attorneys’ request to close the case, prompting the former president to toss up his arms, get out of his seat and abruptly leave the room.

Earlier in the day, the judge found him in violation of the gag order for the second time after he blasted the “very partisan judge” as well as “a person who’s very partisan sitting alongside of him” — which the judge interpreted as a comment directed at his chief clerk.

Mr Trump’s attorneys claimed he was referring to witness Michael Cohen, but Judge Engoron didn’t buy it. He later referred to the dictionary definition of “alongside,” clarifying in a written version of his order that “witnesses do not sit ‘alongside’ the judge, they sit in the witness box, separated from the judge by a low wooden barrier.”