Who is the ‘Tube Girl’ on TikTok, and why are people copying her?

TikTokers are fully entering their delulu era after seeing a London woman’s post while on a tube train.

On Sept. 5, Sabrina Bahsoon (@sabrinabahsoon) posted a video highlighting the fact that she regularly films TikToks on the tube train, even if other passengers look on. While several of her videos garnered millions of views, one video stood out above the rest, gaining nearly 10 million views since posting.

“Being delulu and acting like I’m in a music video every time im on the tube,” she wrote in her video.

The term “delulu” began in the K-pop community as a joke toward people who think they’re in a relationship with their celebrity crush. The phrase reached TikTok around March 2023 and became a word to describe delusional mindsets.

Bahsoon has several videos of her dancing in a tube train. In a majority of her posts, she uses the back camera and the 0.5 lens to create the effect she’s going for. She also used a mashup of “Yummy” by Ayesha Erotica and “Righteous” by Mo Beats, which was created by TikToker @habz.fx on Aug. 18.

With the 0.5 lens and her “delulu” attitude, plenty of TikTokers are trying to capture the true Tube girl essence. Many users were surprised by how confident and carefree Bahsoon look in her video, sharing that they couldn’t imagine doing something like that.

“THF PEOPLE BEHIND YOU I COULD NEVER,” commented @real.mel1.

“This is her world. We are just surviving in it,” replied @fusouydamhahaha.

In the days following Bahsoon’s post, several people have been inspired to do their own version of this video, even if they are out in public. Currently, the hashtag #tubegirl has over 131 million views, with TikTokers continuously gaining confidence by participating.

“Tube girl is giving me secondhand confidence bc if she can dominate social anxiety to the level that she cand do multiple takes shaking her a** in front of 20 cluelessstrangers during a 7 am commute I should AT LEAST be able to answer a phone call from an unknown number,” wrote @blairwaverly in her post.

Some have even taken the opportunity to work on themselves and break through long term mental barriers.

“Day 1 of building up the confidence to become the german version of the tube girl,” @assiariad wrote in her video. “The introvert and social anxiety are crying but still a success imo.”

Even for people who don’t ride trains, they are still trying to bring Bahsoon’s confidence and delulu nature to everyday activities.

“Channeling tube’s girl confidence to pick up my child from preschool,” wrote @abbieherbert.

With Bahsoon’s video as a blueprint, many TikTokers now have a source of inspiration to break out of their shell.

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