Twin sisters who attacked and spat on Simei condominium manager fined

Tang Bei leaving the State Courts on Tuesday (28 August). (PHOTO: Abdul Rahman Azhari/Yahoo News Singapore)
Tang Bei leaving the State Courts on Tuesday (28 August). (PHOTO: Abdul Rahman Azhari/Yahoo News Singapore)

A pair of twin sisters who attacked and spat on a condominium manager, in an act that was caught in a widely circulated video three years ago, were fined on Tuesday (28 August).

Tang Lei, who is in Singapore on a special pass, was fined $2,500 while Tang Bei, a Singapore permanent resident, was fined $2,100 in the State Courts for causing hurt and using criminal force against the condominium manager and a security guard of Simei Green condominium.

The 50-year-old sisters from China were embroiled in the spat with condominium manager Colvin Quek Choon Kiat over the issue of an access card. They had claimed trial but were later found guilty of their offences committed in July this year.

In an earlier hearing, the prosecution said the two sisters have been “belligerent and dishonest witnesses, who have given incredible, illogical and inconsistent accounts and explanations for their appalling behaviour”.

According to the prosecution, Quek first met Tang Bei sometime in February 2015 after he was informed by security that someone was tailgating others to exit the side gate of the condominium.

When Quek approached Tang Bei to ask if she had an access card, the latter told him it was “none of his business” and that she had “no time for him”.

On 25 February, Tang Bei visited the condominium office alone and passed Quek two $50 notes to pay for an access card but failed to provide relevant documents, including a tenancy agreement and an identity card. A dispute broke out after Tang Bei asked for the return of her money.

During the argument, Tang Bei hit Quek on his head a few times before threatening to sue him for molestation. She took her money before leaving the office. Quek lodged a police report following the incident.

Tang Bei visited the office again on 28 April that year with Tang Lei and another scuffle broke out. Tang Lei splashed liquid from a can on Quek repeatedly while Tang Bei spat at his face.

Bligh Charles Kenneth, who was on security duty, tried to stop the fight. The sisters, however, continued their attack on Quek, including throwing a bunch of keys and the empty can at him.

In a previous hearing, Richard Siaw, the twins’ lawyers, asked for a fine for the offences while the prosecution left sentencing to the court. Siaw said his clients were first-time offenders and their actions arose out of impulse due to Quek’s provocation.

-Additional reporting by Wan Ting Koh.

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