Twitter index: more earthquakes shake Christchurch, New Zealand

Earthquake-ravaged Christchurch has been stuck by three more big quakes, the latest measuring around 6.0 in magnitude.

Twitterers report that there have been "no fatalities" while the UK Foreign Office (@fcotravel) tweets, "Damage to infrastructure and some injuries reported."

Cathay Pacific (@cathaypacific) reveals that "Christchurch airport is temporarily closed due to the earthquake. Pax are advised to chk with airlines before their dep" via its Twitter account.  

American carrier AT&T is promoting the number one hashtag on Twitter, "#BestDad," in the hope of convincing consumers to purchase a smartphone for their dad on Father's Day.

"#smallbutpowerful" is the second most talked about topic on the microblog on the morning of June 13, "#whenihadamyspace" is third and "pengecut," the Indonesian word for "coward," is fifth on the chart.  

"Congrats Mavs," say Twitterers congratulating the Dallas Mavericks on their first NBA championship win. Microbloggers are also penning 140-character letters to Dallas Mavericks player Dirk Nowitzki with fourth place topic "Dear Dirk."

The name of Glee star "Darren Criss," also known as Blaine Anderson on the TV show, is in eighth place.

Twitterers are complaining about "unfollowers," people who follow them on Twitter and then stop following them shortly after, and saying good night to their friends with seventh place term "Goodnight Twitter."

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on June 13 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #BestDad (promoted)
  2. #smallbutpowerful (new)
  3. #whenihadamyspace (new)
  4. Dear Dirk (new)
  5. PENGECUT (new)
  6. Congrats Mavs (new)
  7. Goodnight Twitter (new)
  8. Darren Criss (new)
  9. Christchurch (new)
  10. UNFOLLOWERS (new)