Twitter timeline is broken for multiple users (Updated)

01/03/2023 6:15 PM IST: Twitter has seemingly fixed the issue and the timeline is now loading for most people. Until now, the company hasn't posted anything about what caused the glitch.

Usually, the best way to know if a service is down is to look on Twitter. But this time, we can't really do anything because Twitter itself is facing issues. Multiple people, including folks from TechCrunch staff, reported that many parts of the social network are broken for them, including the following timeline. The algorithmic "For You" feed is showing older tweets.

Thousands of people have logged reports of Twitter being not accessible both through mobile and desktop on, a service that tracks outages through crowdsourced reports.

Image Credits: Twitter

Some parts of Twitter, like notifications and lists, are working fine. And if you post a tweet, it will show up in these lists. At the moment, the best way to access Twitter is through TweetDeck lists.

While #TwitterDown is trending on the platform, it is not possible to access the latest posts with the hashtag.

Image Credits: Twitter

The latest outage comes days after Elon Musk slashed more than 200 jobs in the latest round of layoffs at the company. This included Twitter Blue's head Esther Crawford and newsletter app Revue's Martijn de Kuijper.

This is not the first time Twitter is facing issues in the past few months. In December, the social network faced glitches and showed users a "rate-exceeding limit" error. Later, Musk said that the company had rolled out "significant backend server architecture changes." Earlier this year, Australia-based users faced difficulties in accessing the service.

In February, Twitter started showing users that they are over their "daily rate limit." At the same time, another bug was preventing people from following other users.