Photo of PM Trudeau’s son sparks hilarious debate after Biden’s visit to Rideau Cottage

Biden's 27-hour visit to Canada will focus on larger issues, but in the meantime Canadians are applauding Trudeau's son's socks

Justin Trudeau seen with him family welcoming Joe and Jill Biden in Rideau Cottage. Xavier, his oldest son, is the only one seen in socks.
A meeting between the Bidens and Trudeaus in Rideau Cottage has given Twitter users quite a laugh. (Credit: Justin Trudeau/Twitter)

U.S. President Joe Biden is making his first official visit to Canada, which includes a visit to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Rideau Cottage home in Ottawa on Thursday night.

It's an Instagram worthy moment. So naturally, Trudeau posted a trio of pics to his social media accounts, which also includes Twitter.

In the second one, we see the president joined by U.S. First Lady Jill Biden, surrounded by Trudeau's family including his wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, and three children in Ella-Grace, Xavier and Hadrien.

However, it seems like Xavier is the only one to be following what one can assume to be a form of house rules, despite the special occasion: he's not wearing his shoes, and is proudly donning indoor socks.

Twitter users are enjoying the moment, which comes amid a 27-hour visit that's focused on much larger issues between Canada and the U.S.

Some believe it shows some sense of cultural difference:

"US friends always think I am odd as I react to them, sitting with their shoes on the couch, or God forbid, on their bed. YIKES!" one Twitter user wrote.

Some believe wearing shoes in the house is a sign of true adulthood:

Others joked that Xavier comes off as the only Trudeau with manners.

But in reality, it also draws the question of "who is going to say the POTUS, take your shoes off?"