Two arrested for failing to stop at Woodlands Checkpoint on two consecutive days

File photo of handcuffs

Two Malaysians have been arrested in Singapore for failing to stop for immigration clearance over two consecutive days.

In the early morning on 29 June, a Singapore-registered car driven by a 41-year-old male Malaysian drove past the immigration counter without stopping for clearance.

An Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officer activated the alarm and the vehicle was locked down at the Arrival Car Zone. The driver was subsequently placed under immediate arrest.

The second case occurred in the early hours of 30 June, where a Malaysian-registered car tailgated the car in front of it and did not stop for immigration clearance. An ICA officer sounded the alarm and the Arrival Car Zone was locked down.

However, when told to switch off the engine and unlock the vehicle, the driver refused to comply. Officers had to break the front and rear passenger windows of the vehicle in order to escort the driver out.

The driver, a 34-year-old female Malaysian, was placed under arrest. She was also in possession of an expired travel document.

Investigations for both cases are ongoing.