Two boys die in truck accident in Tampines

UPDATED, 5pm, 29 Jan: PM Lee, Baey Yam Keng quotes added.

All help will be given to the family of the two boys killed in a horrific accident in Tampines, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Tuesday.

In a Facebook post, Lee said that he was saddened to learn of the terrible accident and he asked for all to show sensitivity and respect for the family.

MP for Tampines GRC Baey Yam Keng chimed in and also asked netizens not to circulate gruesome photos of the accident out of respect and consideration for the boys' family.

Brothers Nigel Yap, 13, and Donoval Yap, 7, were killed after a cement truck hit them as they were on a bicylce crossing the junction of Tampines Avenue 9 and Tampines Street 45 late Monday afternoon.

Paramedics that arrived on the scene pronounced the boys dead on the spot, a Singapore Civil Defence Force spokesperson told Yahoo! Singapore.

SCDF received a call about the incident at 5:43pm.

According to media reports citing the police, the boys were brothers aged 7 and 13 and the younger one was wearing a Tampines North Primary School uniform.

Also, police reportedly arrested the truck's driver, a 56-year-old Singaporean man, at the scene.

Ggruesome photos of the dead boys have been spreading online, sparking concern among some netizens.

In one of the photos, a body of a boy beside a badly dented bicycle lies on the road.

In a tweet, blogger Kinmun Lee, otherwise known as mrbrown, said, "Please, don't spread those photos of the two siblings who died at the Tampines bicycle accident anymore. Their parents might see it."

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