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Many charities and experts have called for an end to the two-child benefit cap (PA) (PA Wire)
Many charities and experts have called for an end to the two-child benefit cap (PA) (PA Wire)

Charities have long called for an end to the two-child benefit cap, and with the issue hitting the headlines again we want to know your views.

On Sunday, shadow health secretary Wes Streeting came to the defence of the Archbishop of Canterbury, after he criticised the cap as “cruel.”

The policy sees families claiming benefits who have a third or subsequent child after April 2017 denied more than £3,000 compared with families whose kids were born sooner.

Justin Welby said the limit was neither “moral nor necessary” and it fell short of “our values as a society”.

The prime minister has pledged to keep the policy if the Tories remain in power and labour leader Keir Starmer has so far resisted calls to dump it.

While Tory MPs hit out at church leaders for intervening in politics, Mr Streeting welcomed the comments.

“The two-child limit falls short of our values as a society. It denies the truth that all children are of equal and immeasurable worth, and will have an impact on their long-term health, wellbeing and educational outcomes,” the Archbishop told The Observer.

Do you agree with Justin Welby’s comments? Or do you think the cap is justified?

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