Yuan Ching Road domestic dispute: Man sends 'Final Note' after allegedly stabbing wife

Google Street view of Parkview Mansions, Yuan Ching Road

[UPDATE 30 January 2015 11.26pm: Added details of a note written by the man]

Two of three people found with serious injuries in a condominium at Yuan Ching Road succumbed to their injuries on Friday morning.

Media reports said Ken Ong, 37 and Karen Koh, 39, and their Filipino maid Jasmen Corpuz, 37 were found badly injured at Parkview Mansions around 8am on Friday morning.
The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) told Yahoo Singapore they received a call for assistance around 8am and dispatched three ambulances to the condominium, conveying the three to the National University Hospital.
A police spokesman later confirmed that the Ong and Koh succumbed to their injuries and were pronounced dead.

In a Facebook post written by Ong, he wrote in a "Final Note" that he was unhappy with his marriage and with the domestic helper. The couple was going through a divorce.

Ong also claimed that the helper was disrespectful and that he was dissatisfied with her performance. He wrote that he wanted to terminate her services four years ago but his wife insisted on keeping her. "I will give you and the maid what you all deserve before I end mine," said an ominous line in the note.

He also said he was doing a course at the Building and Construction Authority and found it difficult to cope with studying again at the age of 36.

Ong leaves behind a young son, whom he hopes "will be set up by the government for adoption, so that he can be brought up in a proper home and ... taught the proper manners and ways to be a man". Ong also apologised to his child: "Son, sorry that you have to go through all these... Hope your new family can help you overcome the trauma."

Investigations are ongoing.