Two men jailed and caned for raping unconscious teenage girl

The Supreme Court building. Photo: Safhras Khan/Yahoo Singapore

What was supposed to be a fun night out for a teenager at the birthday party of an acquaintance turned into a nightmare after she was raped by two men in 2014.

The then 18-year-old girl, who could not be identified due to a gag order, was intoxicated and unconscious during the rape that took place in a room at Duxton Hotel in the early hours of 26 January 2014.

Two Singaporean men pleaded guilty to one charge of rape each at the High Court on Friday (29 July) and were sentenced to jail and given caning.

Muhammad Fadly Abdull Wahab, 20, was sentenced to 13 years’ jail and given eight strokes of the cane while Muhammad Hazly Mohamad Halimi, 23, was jailed 11 years and given six strokes of the cane. Fadly was given a heavier sentence for being the instigator of the rape.

Three other men who were at the party, Ridhaudin Ridhwan Bakri, Muhammad Faris Ramlee and Asep Ardiansyah, all 22, are claiming trial to charges of sexual assault.

Of the five accused, only Fadly knew the victim as a friend prior to the incident.

Court papers revealed that the victim was invited to the party at Duxton Hotel on 25 January 2014 by Fadly. She had brought along a male friend to keep her company.

At about 10.44 pm on that night, Fadly and Hazly exchanged text messages while they were on their way to the hotel. Fadly informed Hazly that he wanted to get the victim drunk.

Hazly told Fadly to buy an additional bottle of alcohol if he wanted to commit the act. Fadly agreed to do so and brought another bottle of vodka to the hotel.

The girl arrived with her friend at the hotel at about 12.01 am on 26 January 2014. They started drinking in a hotel room together with Fadly, Hazly, the three co-accused and a few other friends.

Court papers showed that Fadly began plying the girl with alcohol. She consumed three half-filled plastic cups of hard liquor that were poured for her by Fadly.

Fadly then gave the girl three cups of vodka that were mixed with Redbull, which the girl drank. She became too intoxicated when part of the group gathering in the room decided to go clubbing at Zouk.

Fadly and Hazly volunteered to stay behind to look after the victim in the room. They brought her to the toilet and helped her to vomit before placing the unconscious girl on the bed.

Fadly and Hazly took a photograph of the victim while she was partially undressed. Fadly then sent the photograph to someone from the group at Zouk, bragging about the fun that he was having.

At about 2.30 am, after helping the girl to vomit another time, Fadly carried her to the bed and decided to have unprotected sex with the girl, who was still unconscious.

After raping her, he told Hazly to try his luck with the girl. Hazly proceeded to have sex with the intoxicated victim.

Asep, Ridhaudin and Faris will be at the High Court on Tuesday (2 August) for their hearing.