UK 'digital nomads' invited to live in Italy for a year under new visa scheme

Young women drink by the Colosseum monument in Rome  (AFP via Getty Images)
Young women drink by the Colosseum monument in Rome (AFP via Getty Images)

Italy has launched a scheme for Britons who can work remotely to apply for a year-long “digital nomad” visa.

Under the scheme, anyone earning more than £24,000 can stay in the country for up to 12 months.

Applicants must have a university or college degree and at least six months in the industry in which they intend to work remotely.

They must also provide evidence of a place to stay in Italy and obtain private medical insurance for between £300-750 a year.

Italian law firm Studio Legale Metta advises applying for the visa four to five months in advance.

Visas for “digital nomads” became popular after the pandemic as companies allowed employees to work from home permanently.

Different versions of the digital nomad visa are offered by countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Spain, Barbados, the United Arab Emirates and Mexico.

Spain introduced its digital nomad visa last year to encourage foreign business talent to move to the country.

Some 300 foreign nationals were granted the visa up until December 31 2023, according to the Spanish Foreign Ministry. However, many applicants complained that it was difficult to fulfil all the visa’s demands.

Italy has been attempting to address underpopulation in its towns for nearly six years, with a high percentage of young professionals choosing to emigrate.

The National Institute of Statistics estimates that the country’s ageing population and falling birthrate will decrease the population form 54.2 million in 2050 to 47.7 million in 2070.

Italy has the highest share of people aged over 65 of all EU member states.