UK Holidaymakers Warned NEVER To Use This Type Of Suitcase

If you find yourself panicking at the baggage retrieval that somebody will steal your bag or that you just won’t spot it, travel expert and blogger Johnny Jet has just the advice that you need.

The expert confessed in a recent post that he once interviewed CD Lazear, a luggage executive for a leading company, and learned a lot about which baggage we should and should not use on our travels.

What is the best and worst luggage to use when travelling?

Lazear said to him: “Don’t check-in a hard-sided black suitcase. It’s the most common type of suitcase in the world. In the baggage industry, it’s 22HW type and almost regarded as the default bag type.”

He added that if your bag goes missing, you don’t want to be somebody missing a black hard suitcase but instead looking for a green one, as an example.

Jet recommends investing in a fully customisable bag if you can but if that’s not within your budget, opt for a colourful suitcase or even a colourful luggage strap to go around your suitcase, making it easier to spot as well as adding another layer of protection.

If you already have a hard sided black suitcase, another option, Jet adds, is Apple Airtags or Samsung SmartTags popped right into your case so you know exactly where it is at all times and face no issues grabbing it at the other side.

Finally, Jet says: “remember, the best aeroplane luggage these days is a carry-on. That way, you won’t have to show up to the airport extra early to check it, wait around for what seems like an eternity at the baggage carousel upon arrival, worry about it getting lost or having items stolen.”

Of course, carry-on luggage also reduces time in the airport and costs less to take on-board with you, too.