Ukraine aims to reform gun control regulations

A handgun
A handgun

EU countries predict that that approximately 3 million firearms will be privately held by Ukrainians after the war with Russia concludes, meaning that Ukraine needs to update its gun control laws to ensure every weapon is accounted for, Deputy Interior Minister Bohdan Drapyatyi said on April 26.

Drapyatyi commented on a bill recently introduced in the Ukrainian parliament, aiming to improve the process of obtaining, declaring, and tracking firearms. The legislation is designed to address two issues: to ensure proper control over unregistered weapons in Ukraine proliferating due to the war, and to protect citizens who have found weapons without having appropriate permits for them.

"A person would declare it, obtain documents for it, and during martial law and for 90 days after it ends, keep it for self-defense purposes," said Drapyatyi.

He noted that if the legislation is passed, citizens will need to apply to the police to declare possession of such weapons.

“One should come to the relevant department of the National Police, bring the weapon, and an officer will check it against databases,” the deputy minister said.

“This procedure will be convenient and free of charge, and within one day, the weapon will be returned to the citizen for further storage."

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He added that it’s imperative that the government can account for and track each firearm in possession by individual citizens.

“The position of the Interior Ministry is to grant Ukrainian citizens the right to own and store handguns, but without the right for concealed carry,” Drapyatyi explained.

“However, we need to have a security infrastructure in place first, including the development of shooting ranges where citizens could learn to use firearms safely.”

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