Ukraine braces for worst as Russian probing of frontlines intensifies

Бійці 3-ї ОШБр в районі Авдіївки
Бійці 3-ї ОШБр в районі Авдіївки

Russia is currently probing the frontlines, Mykola Volokhov, commander of the Terra unit within the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, said in an interview on NV Radio on April 30.

Volokhov’s unit is bracing for a worst-case scenario — Russia’s potential replication of a mass attack on various fronts to significantly advance into Ukrainian territory.

“They’re trying to probe where they can advance and where they cannot,” he said.

The Russians have yet to achieve significant success in this probing, Volokhov said, describing it as “a little push here, a little push there.”

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“We are preparing for the worst-case scenario, considering the enemy’s maximum capabilities, not its most likely actions,” he said.

“By doing so — a strategy applicable in both warfare and business — we’re strategizing on how to preempt the enemy, at least in planning our own actions. If their capabilities turn out to be less formidable than anticipated, then all the better.”

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