Ukraine participates in NATO cybersecurity exercise in Estonia

Locked Shields 2024
Locked Shields 2024

Estonia is hosting world's largest cybersecurity exercise Locked Shields 2024, ran by NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE), as announced on April 24.

In the announcement, CCDCOE reports that the exercise involves over 40 countries, including Ukraine, with more than 4,000 experts conducting the “live-fire cyber defense exercise.” The event aims to test, fortify, and launch innovative measures in NATO's cyber defense arsenal to combat real-world threats.

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Participants are charged with the defense of a fictional nation, Berylia, against intricate cyberattacks planned by a simulated adversary. In addition to technical challenges, the exercise offers training in legal, strategic, and communications tactics to ensure a well-rounded preparation for real-world conflicts.

This year's simulation incorporates cutting-edge neural network systems to reflect the critical role of artificial intelligence in contemporary cyber defense scenarios.

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