Ukrainian intelligence disrupts Tatarstan’s networks in major cyber attack — NV source

HUR conducts large-scale cyberattack on Tatarstan
HUR conducts large-scale cyberattack on Tatarstan

Ukraine's Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR) has launched a significant cyber attack targeting internet providers and mobile operators in Tatarstan, a key Russian economic region, according to intelligence sources who spoke with NV on May 3.

The cyber operation focused primarily on communication networks within the Alabuga economic zone, home to over 30 facilities including several critical defense industry enterprises.

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The DDoS attack successfully disrupted internet service across Tatarstan and its capital, Kazan, affecting major telecommunications providers such as MTS, TATTelecom, and the regional operator Ufanet.

Impacted users reported a lack of internet access, with web resources and mobile applications becoming non-operational. Some also noted difficulties using mobile apps that control home intercom systems. Disruptions in internet messengers were additionally reported by those using the attacked networks.

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In response, TATTelecom's press service confirmed the occurrence of "the most powerful cyber attack" on its network infrastructure in its history, which has been ongoing since the morning of May 2.

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