A Ukrainian unit is flying drones at night to drop mines inside Russia: report

  • A Ukrainian unit uses drones to drop mines inside Russia at night, per CNN.

  • Ukraine's Code 9.2 drone unit claims it flew 24 Vampire drones in just one evening.

  • Their drone dropped two explosives inside Russia that later hit two vehicles, per the outlet.

A Ukrainian unit fighting on a key battlefront is flying drones at night to drop mines inside Russia, CNN reported.

Soldiers from Ukraine's 92nd Brigade's Code 9.2 drone unit operated about four miles from the border with Russia's Belgorod region, in an undisclosed location in Kharkiv, according to the outlet.

CNN accompanied the unit into the field. It did not specify when the operation it witnessed took place.

Ukraine has often looked to unconventional means to fight back against Russia, using drones and other weaponry to target Russia's navy, front-line units, and oil industry.

In recent months, Ukrainian forces have faced increased pressure, as Russia has ramped up its attacks before new supplies reach Ukraine from its allies, including the US.

Russia has launched a renewed offensive in the Kharkiv region — where the unit CNN shadowed was located — creating what looks like a buffer zone along its border, the Institute for the Study of War said last week.

It is unclear if the nighttime mission was part of a larger battle plan for Ukraine, but the unit told CNN it holds the record for 24 sorties with Vampire drones in just one night.

CNN reported that the unit set up its equipment at dusk, limiting the risk of Russian drones flying over it before darkness made its tasks impossible.

As soon as darkness settled and the sky was clear, they were able to fly a Vampire drone carrying explosives toward Russia.

From a bunker, using a PlayStation-like control, pilot Sasha watched the drone fly across the border, despite Russia jamming, CNN reported.

Ten minutes later, it dropped two explosive payloads on a target stretch of road.

The unit said the mines hit an armored car and a soft skin vehicle the following day, CNN reported.

Throughout the war, Ukrainian forces have used drones to devastating effect, launching ongoing attacks on Russia's Black Sea Fleet, inflicting damage to its oil industry, and using them in attacks that were responsible for two-thirds of Russian tank losses.

Russia has also used drones alongside missiles to exploit shortages in Ukraine's air defenses and to target Ukrainian positions at night.

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