US TikToker sparks debate after ranking Singapore 'worst' of 7 Asian countries he visited


An 18-year-old American TikToker living in Thailand has sparked a debate after ranking Singapore last on a list of seven Asian countries he had visited.

Key points:

  • TikToker @zakattackcalii, who has nearly 117,000 followers on the platform, recently shared his ranking of the seven Asian countries he had visited in the past five months.

  • He ranked Singapore last, citing a lack of activities and an unpleasant experience at Marina Bay Sands, among other reasons.

  • The teen recommended Malaysia over Singapore, describing it as "very similar but 10 times better."

The details:

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  • @zakattackcalii has been documenting his travels across Asia on TikTok, sharing his experiences and opinions about the places he visits.

  • In a video posted on May 26, he prefaced his rankings by stating that they were based solely on his personal experiences and opinions. He then went on to rank Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea ahead of Singapore.

  • He described Singapore as feeling like Disneyland, with everything being "perfect" but lacking in culture. While he acknowledged that the people in Singapore were "nice," he shared that he had a negative experience with service staff at Marina Bay Sands.

  • Some TikTok users agreed with @zakattackcalii's assessment of Singapore. One claimed, "I'm Singaporean and I agree with you," while another wrote "I’m from Singapore. Preach brother preach!!"

  • Others defended the city-state, with some accusing @zakattackcalii "ranking based on affordability." Another pointed out that while Singapore may not be an ideal vacation spot, it's "definitely one of the best" places to live long-term.

  • Still, others offered to show the TikToker a different side of the country on his next visit.


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