The US to provide Ukraine with a new $225 million military aid package - Associated Press


The US plans to provide Ukraine with a new $225 million military aid package, including HIMARS ammunition and artillery, the Associated Press reported.

This military aid package has not been finalized yet, said US official, who wished to remain anonymous.

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The weapons from the new American package can be used by Defense Forces to strike on "threats inside Russia to protect Kharkiv from brazen Russian attacks."

The aid package includes:

  • HIMARS ammunition

  • mortar systems

  • artillery shells

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Ukraine can use such weapons to strike the Russian territory, if "Russian forces are attacking or preparing to attack" there.

It does not apply to ATACMS, long-range missiles and other munitions to prevent conducting "offensive" strikes inside Russia, U.S. officials said.

The US will announce new military aid to Ukraine in the coming weeks, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said on June 5. He did not reveal other details then.

Permission for Ukraine to use US weapons to strike inside Russia

The Biden administration had given tacit permission to use American weapons (including GMLRS missiles, but probably not long-range ATACMS missiles) to strike Russian territory bordering Kharkiv Oblast, Western media reported earlier.

Biden allowed Ukraine to launch limited strikes on Russian territory with American-made weapons after some pressure from his allies, The New York Times wrote, citing unnamed officials in the White House.

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The White House allowed Ukraine to strike Russian territory with American weapons, US State Secretary Antony Blinken said.

The US allowed Ukraine to strike on Russian territory not only to protect Kharkiv from Russian attacks, but also to defend other Ukrainian oblasts, Michael Carpenter, US National Security Council representative said in a comment to Voice of America.

Ukraine can strike Russia using HIMARS systems, GMLRS surface-to-air missiles, and American artillery shells, The Wall Street Journal reported. The "green light" from the US does not involve the use of ATACMS. The US still opposes strikes deep into Russia, WSJ added.

Ukraine had already used American weapons for strikes on Russia, the Associated Press reported, citing an unnamed official of one of the Western countries.

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