Usher Says ‘Very Curious’ Things Took Place When He Lived With Diddy for a Year in Resurfaced Interview | Video

A video of Usher recounting his experience living with Diddy for a year has resurfaced in the wake of allegations and accusations against the rapper for sexual assault, sex trafficking and abuse.

The most recent Super Bowl halftime show performer told Howard Stern what the living situation was like in a 2016 interview. The “More” singer spent a year living with Diddy in New York, with his parents’ blessing — and his vague comments suggested some pretty interesting goings on.

“I was curious, I got a chance to see some things. I went there to see the lifestyle, and I saw it,” Usher told Stern. “But I don’t know if I could indulge and understand what I was even looking at. It was pretty wild.”

Stern then prompted Usher, asking if there were a bunch of ladies and if the place was in a constant state of orgy. His assistant Robin Quivers asked if any women approached him to engage in certain behaviors.

“I didn’t say that. What I did say is there were very curious things taking place, and I didn’t necessarily understand it,” Usher answered. “Biggie Smalls was there, Lil Kim, Craig Mac, Faith Evans, Mary J. Blige.”

He also said his parents didn’t know anything about Diddy or his lifestyle. The singer noted that he stayed up later at night than anyone else in the house.

Years later on Monday, Diddy’s Los Angeles home was raided by Homeland Security, and parts of the neighborhood were blocked off by police officers. His New York City and Miami residencies were investigated as well.

In November 2023, R&B singer Cassie sued Diddy, whom she previously dated, for repeated physical and sexual abuse. Diddy and Cassie, whose full name is Casandra Ventura, settled the suit the next day out-of-court.

The music mogul has received five more lawsuits filed against him related to sex trafficking, sexual assault and physical abuse.

Watch the 2016 interview, below:

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