Team Secret qualify for VALORANT Champions despite missing Masters Berlin

(Photo: Team Secret)
(Photo: Team Secret)

Team Secret have punched their ticket to VALORANT Champions, the final and marquee tournament of the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT), even after their roster missed out on competing in the ongoing VCT Stage 3 Masters tournament in Berlin, Germany.

While the circumstances leading to Secret's qualification for VALORANT Champions have been complicated, it ultimately boiled down to rivals Paper Rex making an early exit from Masters Berlin in 13th-15th place.

As a result, both Secret and Paper Rex earned 175 VCT circuit points from the tournament and had a total of 225 points.

Secret won the point tiebreaker by virtue of their roster, then playing under Bren Esports, sweeping Paper Rex in the grand finals of the VCT SEA Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs back in August.

Both squads earned a spot in Masters Berlin for finishing in the top two of their region's Stage 3 Challengers event, though the then-Bren Esports squad were forced to sit out Masters Berlin due to visa issues.

The roster then parted ways with the Bren Esports organisation on 8 September to join Team Secret on 9 September.

In accordance to VCT rules, Secret's roster were able to keep the circuit points they earned from their time with Bren Esports as the entire roster was retained in their move to a new organisation.

In such situations, a minimum of three players from the previous team were required to be transferred to the new organisation in order to retain their circuit points.

With that said, Paper Rex can still earn a spot in VALORANT Champions through the Last Chance Qualifier for the circuit's Asia-Pacific region.

Aside from Secret, Thai team X10 Esports have also secured a direct invite to VALORANT Champions as a result of leading Southeast Asia in circuit points with 295.

Secret and X10 Esports will be joining 16 other teams from North America, Latin America, Brazil, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Korea, and Japan in VALORANT Champions.

The final and marquee tournament of the 2021 VCT will be held in Berlin, Germany from 2 to 12 December and will crown the first-ever VALORANT world champions.

Team Secret VALORANT roster:

  1. Jessie "JessieVash" Cuyco

  2. Jayvee "DubsteP" Paguirigan

  3. Jim "BORKUM" Timbreza

  4. Kevin "Dispenser" Te

  5. Riley "witz" Go

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