Victoria Derbyshire clashes with Chris Philp over Labour tax attacks: ‘You’re wrong’

Victoria Derbyshire questioned why Chris Philp was “literally making things up” as they clashed over Tory attacks on Labour’s tax policy.

Speaking to Newsnight on Monday 1 July, Mr Philp suggested Labour had not “ruled out” a number of tax changes.

“Let me pause you there, Labour have ruled out both imposing capital gains tax on people’s homes and reevaluating council tax thresholds. So you’re wrong,” Ms Derbyshire responded.

The pair then went back and forth on exactly who within the party had ruled out changes, with Mr Philp repeating the Conservative claim that tax will go up by £2,000 under a Labour government.

“Is this how desperate you are now that you are literally making things up?” Ms Derbyshire then asked, a suggestion that Mr Philp claimed was “nonsense”.