VIDEO: Mercedes beats red light at Bugis Junction, crashes into three taxis during wild drive

The YouTube video of the accident at Bugis Junction.

A shocking video of a black Mercedes beating a red light, narrowly missing pedestrians and careening headlong into a bus has emerged.

The 19-second amateur video, which was posted on YouTube on Tuesday morning, shows the Mercedes stuck in the middle of a busy traffic junction after a crash with a taxi.

However, instead of alighting to check on the damage or condition of the cars or affected motorists, the driver of the Mercedes forces his way through the wreckage, tyres screeching.

The car narrowly misses passengers who have alighted from the damaged taxi, before it beats the red light to crash sideways into an SBS bus in full view of stunned bystanders at the traffic light.

The accident took place at Bugis Junction on Monday night.

Taxi driver Daryl Wee, 51, told The New Paper, that it was about 830pm when the Mercedes car pulled up alongside him on the "turning right" lane. However, instead of turning right, Wee said the car beat the red light and went straight ahead, narrowly missing three women crossing the road.

The black Mercedes would go on to hit three taxis, including Mr Wee's, during a wild drive along Victoria Street. It eventually ended up crashing into a road divider along Bugis.

Eyewitnesses told the paper that the driver looked like he was in his 50s. When they carried him out of the car and laid him on the grass patch, he was bleeding from the mouth and mumbled in a language they did not understand. 

The Straits Times reported that the driver had fainted while he was at the wheel, causing the chain reaction of accidents. It's believed he was not drink driving.

This junction was one junction before the site of the high-speed Ferrari crash that killed driver, Chinese investor Ma Chi, as well as a taxi driver and his passenger and injured two others last May.

AXA Insurance Singapore and the family of Ma Chi reached a private settlement earlier this year in January.

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