What is the video app Flip and why is Addison Rae on it?

Influencers are flocking to a new social media platform called Flip, dedicated entirely to beauty and commerce.

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Flip first hit the app stores in 2019 and touts itself as the “No. 1 beauty shopping app.” The e-commerce service just snagged $60 million in Series B funding with a valuation of $500 million. Meanwhile, Flip has grown its users by 500% and its in-app transactions by 600% in 2022. So you can expect to hear more chatter about the app soon.

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Especially now that major beauty gurus and internet personalities like Addison Rae, Hyram Yarbro, Patrick Starrr, Angel Merino and Ariel Tejada are using Flip.

What is Flip?

Flip allows influencers and content creators to share video reviews of their favorite beauty products. Users can then shop the influencer’s favorite products with free same-day shipping and easy returns. The app also has features like live shopping shows and a way to earn rewards.

Why use Flip?

The app advertises itself as an easier way for beauty lovers to earn money. Every video posted is automatically monetized so that users can earn commissions on views and products sold.

Considering Rae is the co-founder of Item Beauty, it makes sense she would want to be on the platform.

Why are influencers and celebs using Flip?

According to Glossy, the influencers joined the app after discussions between Flip and their managers and agents. However, Flip does not pay influencers to join or post.

“This is only the beginning of a string of big celebrities that we’re hoping to onboard over the next three to four months,” Flip CCO Peter Wingsoe told Glossy.

Singer and About-Face founder Halsey hosted the company’s official launch party in December 2021, which might foreshadow the kinds of celebs the app hopes to court.

While Addison Rae may have only posted one video so far, when it comes to blowing up on social media, all it takes is one viral video.

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