‘The View’: Ana Navarro Wonders If Kristi Noem Confused Kim Jong Un With ‘Gangnam Style’ Singer | Video

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem continues to face criticism for her new memoir, this time for telling a story about meeting with Kim Jong Un — a moment that appears to never have happened. At this point, “The View” host Ana Navarro is wondering if Noem mistook the North Korean dictator for PSY, the singer of “Gangnam Style.”

In one chapter of her book, which she also narrated for the audiobook version, Noem wrote, “I remember when I met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. I’m sure he underestimated me, having no clue about my experience staring down little tyrants (I’d been a children’s pastor, after all).”

But, a report from The Dakota Scout discovered that that likely didn’t happen, prompting Noem to say it was an error, and a spokesman for the governor to tell the outlet that “the publisher will be addressing conflated world leaders’ names in the book before it is released.”

Really though, the hosts of “The View” had a hard time believing Noem simply mixed up Kim Jong Un’s name with someone else, especially considering the amount of edits a book needs to go through. They couldn’t even fathom who she might’ve confused him with.

“I don’t understand how in the world you confuse meeting Kim Jong Un with, what? I mean, does she think all Koreans look alike?” Navarro said Monday. “Did she watch a video of PSY singing ‘Gangnam [Style]’ and think it was Kim Jong Un? I don’t understand how you make that kind of stupid lie!”

Fellow hosts Sara Haines and Alyssa Farah Griffin were more baffled by Noem’s line about being a youth pastor, with Haines even asking what kind of church Noem would work at.

“She’s in the church of latter day lies!” Navarro shot back.

You can watch the full segment from “The View” in the video, above.

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