‘The View’ Hosts Blush and Giggle After Joy Behar Reads Steamy Excerpt of Sunny Hostin’s New Book

“The View” got a bit steamy when host Sunny Hostin recruited Joy Behar to read a more, uh, smutty excerpt of her new book live on the air Thursday morning. Naturally, the moment ended in the women giggling up a storm and hiding their blushing faces.

To kick off the Hot Topic, moderator Whoopi Goldberg noted that a sex therapist recently told The New York Post that “reading erotica is more effective that watching it.” With that, Whoopi immediately tossed the question to Behar, who is known for encouraging a healthy sex drive.

True to form, Behar reiterated that her advice typically includes a drink on an empty stomach, a sexy book or movie, and then a new man.

“For some reason, I’m like the Dr. Ruth of this table,” she joked, referring to the German-American sex therapist who quite literally wrote “Sex for Dummies.”

So when Hostin offered up a potential book — “Summer on Highland Beach” the third in the series she wrote herself — Whoopi encouraged Behar to use Dr. Ruth’s German accent to read a portion. And yes, she really did.

“Desire hit her hard and fast,” Behar read with a thick accent. “She was burning up, sparked by fire, lit by joy. (dropping accent) Really? (in renewed accent) She’d forgotten how delicious spearmint tasted on her lips.”

But apparently, that wasn’t the excerpt Hostin wanted her to read. So, she pointed out another, prompting Behar to push back a little when she saw the content.

“Oh it’s so bad,” she said. “You really want me to read that? Oh my god.”

Eventually though, Behar caved, and — in just her normal voice this time — read out the sentence she was told: “She finally honored his demand, cupped his ass, and guided him inside.”

When she finished, Behar hid her face in the book as her cohosts stomped their feet, giggled, blushed and cheered. Meanwhile, executive producer Brian Teta followed Behar’s lead and was hiding his face in his hands, shaking his head.

“The View” airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.

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