‘The View’ Hosts Weigh Which Prison Would Be Best for Trump: Alcatraz, Guantanamo Bay or Rikers

As Donald Trump faces the threat of jail time for repeatedly breaking the gag order imposed on him by the judge in his criminal fraud trial, the hosts of “The View” took some time on Tuesday morning to discuss exactly which lockup he should be sent to, in the event that actually happens.

As part of the day’s Hot Topics, moderator Whoopi Goldberg first made fun of Trump for being “a snowflake” and constantly complaining about the gag order online. Host Sunny Hostin argued that, to avoid losing control of the courtroom, as Judge Lance Ito did in the OJ Simpson trial, Judge Merchan should give Trump jail time over his gag order simply “to prove a point.”

At that, Whoopi got visibly excited, bouncing in her chair and raising her hand to start a new discussion, on exactly which prison would be best suited for Trump. Hostin immediately suggested Rikers, which Whoopi agreed with, but she had other options too.

“You know, I’m OK if he goes to Alcatraz, and they reopen it,” she said. “What about Guantanamo Bay?”

That idea sparked some excitement in host Ana Navarro, who joked that the location of Guantanamo Bay made for an easy flight from Florida, where Trump’s current residence is.

“Oh, that’d be close to Mar-a-Lago, Melania can come and visit,” Navarro said.

Whoopi had one more possibility to throw out to her cohosts: a super-maximum security prison.

“Chapo was in supermax. You know, hey now, he wants to be with the hip people, come on!” Whoopi joked.

In the event that Trump were ordered to serve any time, the most likely scenario would be a trip to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn – since the other options are all prisons, which are typically used for post-sentencing, long-term inmate housing.

“The View” airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.

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