What should be the vision of an entrepreneur?

The key to being an awesome entrepreneur is more than having just a will of steel

Every day we see hundreds of new businesses getting launched into the market, only some of them make it through a year. There are many reasons which contribute to the failure of a business. As an entrepreneur, you have many responsibilities and details to look after but there are some key elements which decide the future of your start-up. One of those key elements is “Vision”. The business vision plays a vital role in establishing and running a successful business. Before we dive into why vision is important for a startup and how we can create it. We will discuss here briefly what is the vision:

The business vision

The vision is basically the dream, the goal, the target of an entrepreneur for his/her company. Vision is basically a goal which an entrepreneur aspires to achieve and at the same time, it is what differentiates it from others.

The vision statement of JetBlue is “To inspire humanity- both in air and on the ground.” Not only they are providing the service but they have set themselves apart from other airlines by their vision to accommodate to their passengers at their very best, whether they are in the middle of the flight or on the ground. You can see the ginormous growth of Target and Walmart, which expanded because their owners had envisioned them to be these large-scale nation-wide stores. Not only it is imperative to have a vision but it is equally important to create the vision in the form of written statement, which could be conveyed to your investors, clients and employs.

Forming the vision

As an entrepreneur you have to be very transparent about your goals, you should be able to envision your company’s goal and future in your head. The company goals must be achievable targets and also must match with the business world. You have to make sure that your vision is different from others and more efficient. As business name generator sites like Namobot.com, it generates different domain names for start-up, it also checks the availability of the chosen domain name.

Creating a vision statement for a startup

Once you are clearly formed an idea it is now time to put it in words. It may seem very easy at first as everything is very clear and vivid in an entrepreneur mind, however it is very tough to translate it on to the paper and communicate it with others.

There are some basic rules which should be followed before creating a vision statement. As this vision statement is presented to friends, family, clients, colleagues and potential investors. If it is not attractive or engaging enough, your succession rate will automatically reduce. It must resonate with your dreams and the realities of business world. To create a vision, you should include the following questions which showcase the goal of your company:

When you have fused the answers to the following questions into your statement, you also have to make sure that your vision statement is:

As an entrepreneur you have many other tasks to take care of you, that is why coming up with perfect vision statement can be overwhelming. To create vision statement, you can take assistance from your friends, colleagues, advisors and marketing team, so you can strategize it and portray it in its best form. Make sure you post the digital strategized vision statement through all social media channels and company websites to reach the targeted influencers.

Why it is important?

The vision is significant for any company because you will pitch your company on the basis of your vision. The vision is also like a plan on which will company will run. You can run your company smoothly when you have a plan to follow and execute. As CEO of ClothingRIC said about vision “Clarity of vision is the key to achieving your objectives”. Many employs have felt that the company they are working for lacks a vision.

When the company does not have a defined target, their employs feel less motivated as well. Your employees should also vision their bright future in the company’s goal, which will, in turn, aspire them to put in their best effort. After your employees, you have to present your vision to your investors and business partners as well. The investors are more interested in the company’s future plan.

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Through the vision, they deduce that if their money is worth investing and whether they are going to profit from it in future. The vision gives them an idea of how their investment will grow in the span of the next 5-10 years. The same goes for clients, they want to be affiliated with a company which have long term goals and will create an influence in the near future. The clients and customers will invest their trust and money into the hands of someone who has the intention of running in the long haul.

Vision serves as motivation

When you are running a business, some failures are bound to happen. Whenever someone faces a failure, he/she gets discouraged and demotivated. In tough times your vision will serve as your motivation. You will come to think of your failure as temporary setback and focus on your end goal, that is “vision”. From such mistakes, you get to learn a lesson and you begin to take these minor obstructions, in stride as you strive for your ultimate goal.

Keep updating your business vision

Most of the companies create a single vision and stick to it until it is achieved. But once the vision has turned into reality they falter at the next stage of growth.

Many companies have collapsed because they did not update their vision. As an entrepreneur, you have to understand that your vision is like a goal, once your target has been achieved you start working on another.

The goals have to be continuously achieved and updated in order to run and expand your company. The vision of the company must be restructured according to latest trends and public demand, otherwise, it becomes void. For example, take NOKIA, one of the finest and revolutionary mobile phone company which failed drastically. It failed as it did not expand its vision and fall behind others.


Now that you have learned why it is important for an entrepreneur to have a vision and how to create it, you will now be able to create an enticing statement of vision for your own startup.

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As an entrepreneur, I have struggled to come up with vision statement which as was fresh and innovative and at the same time portrayed my interests to the best. But with patience and determination and of course, with a team of advisors, I was finally able to achieve the perfect startup vision statement. And I have to say it did help me a lot in launching, running and expanding my start-up.

If you have any more tips for creating the vision for startup, do not hesitate to share it in the comments below.

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