Vivek Ramaswamy caught in embarrassing hot mic moment during X Spaces event with Elon Musk

GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy appeared to be caught on a hot mic relieving himself during a live X Spaces broadcast as more than 100,000 listeners tuned in.

Mr Ramaswamy joined Elon Musk on the live broadcast on Sunday to welcome notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones back to the platform.

As Mr Musk explained his decision to allow the Infowars founder back on to his social media site, Mr Ramaswamy announced that nature was calling.

“Gentlemen I have to go,” Mr Ramswamy said.

As the conversation continued, the sound of what appears to be someone urinating can be heard.

Jones then pointed out that “somebody’s got their phone in the bathroom”.

“That’s your phone Vivek, I’m not able to mute you,” host Mario Nawfal says.

Mr Ramaswamy then apologised as he returned to the Spaces conversation.

“I hope you feel better,” Mr Musk told the entrepreneur.

“I feel great,” Mr Ramaswamy replied.

The presidential contender’s unscheduled bathroom visit sparked hundreds of memes and jokes on X.

“Vivek is literally draining the swamp,” one user posted.

“I'm a Trump supporter all the way, but kudos to Vivek for laughing it off!” another wrote.

Mr Ramaswamy’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment by The Independent.