Voices: I’m a Democrat. This is why I’d rather vote for Trump than for Biden

Donald Trump may well be no better on Palestinian and Muslim issues – but he couldn’t be worse (Getty)
Donald Trump may well be no better on Palestinian and Muslim issues – but he couldn’t be worse (Getty)

When the atrocities of 7 October unfolded, everyone knew Israel would respond against Hamas. I was braced for a retaliation that would impact my children’s extended family of Palestinian Christians – and prayed that my Muslim brothers and sisters in Gaza would not suffer for the evil actions of a few. But I had no idea how bad it would get.

Now, thanks to Israel’s military, ranked fourth in power on the global stage – and an intelligence agency that is arguably the best in the world – we see the horror of Gaza, reduced to rubble. We hear of medics reduced to eating animal feed and children at risk of famine.

While not unexpected, it still came as a total shock that Israel would proceed in a collective punishment that was so egregious, even the International Court of Justice accepted jurisdiction to give further consideration to the claim that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza.

For me, it has been a further nightmare and horror to see my government – and president – using my taxes to help supply the bombs and military aid that are being used to wipe out a population of people in real time. By the time the “Abandon Biden” campaign was launched, giving the ultimatum that he call a ceasefire or risk losing votes in the November election, tens of thousands of men, women and children had already been killed, buried alive, or lost beneath the rubble.

It continues to be mind-boggling and inexcusable that the US administration would give aid to any country that is committing these harms. To me, it amounts to state-sponsored terrorism. But where is the condemnation – and where are the consequences?

I have heard many Democrats reminding us of the danger that lies ahead if Joe Biden loses in November. But there is no greater insult to me – a Muslim, Yemeni-American woman – or to my community, than to assume we do not understand the ramifications of a second Trump presidency. I lived through four years of a Muslim travel ban, with the threat that it will be reinstated if Donald Trump regains office. Believe me, I understand.

I’m a Democrat who wrote in Bernie Sanders’ name in the 2020 election, based on how passionately I felt about issues such as housing, education, labour, healthcare and women’s rights. But I firmly believe it is a matter of the lesser of two evils. And based on recent events, while Trump may have done a million and one things to lose our vote during his presidency, there has been no greater evil worldwide than the slaughter of more than 30,000 Palestinians. And that happened on Biden’s watch.

The one thing we don’t hear Democrats saying any more is “Vote with your conscience.” If we did, Biden would not win in November.

Trump may well be no better on Palestinian and Muslim issues – but he couldn’t be worse. It isn’t our goal to instate a president who would be substantially more favourable towards Palestine – we know that’s impossible. We know the alternative is no better.

But we must ensure that we, as an American people, punish someone who has betrayed us and betrayed the Palestinian people – someone who, I believe, has actively funded a genocide. Biden does not deserve to be rewarded with a second term in the highest office in the land. We must hold politicians accountable for the consequences of their decisions. We must be willing to abandon politicians and parties in favour of our principles.

The results in Michigan show that this is already happening. In the February primary, more voters in MI voted for Trump than voted for Biden and the  “uncommitted” votes combined. And the longer that Biden continues to fail to call for a permanent ceasefire, the greater the likelihood is that this will impact down-ballot races, with voters like me now willing to cross party lines. We are prepared to vote for pro-ceasefire candidates over voting “Blue, No Matter Who”.

For us, this election is not about what Biden can do to earn our votes in November – it is about what he has already done to lose it.